Place security cameras in your home

The security cameras are an important element not only for houses, everything Business should consider having them as a protection measure. These cameras can be complemented with other elements such as alarms, to better protect a heritage.

Having security cameras in your home is a way to take care of it.

When installing high quality security cameras you can be guaranteed to see what happens in your home at all times and the images are of maximum resolution.

Security camera types

It is important to choose the safety equipment that best suits your home. The most recommended security camera brands are HIKIVISION and Epcom. We present 3 cameras that you can implement:

favicona Bullet Camera . It is responsible for capturing images of a specific area, they are waterproof.

favicona Dome Cameras. They are discreet and are usually installed on ceilings.

favicona IP Camera . They allow to transmit images through Internet, with these cameras you can connect from your cell phone to see what happens

In our entry benefits of having home security cameras , we share 4 reasons to install them.

What are the best places to place security cameras?

Choosing the right place to place the cameras will allow you to have an adequate security service, with the strategic location you can detect intruders and protect your family. Some places are:

favicona Front door .

Being the main entrance, it is logical that all the people who visit you must stop by and know what access to your home is like. With a security camera they will feel guarded and avoid forcing entry. Another advantage is that you can see in real time when your children arrive home.

favicona Outdoor entrances .

When they cannot enter through the main door they will look for some other door such as the rear or garage door. Any access to your home must have a security camera to reduce the chances of someone stealing your belongings.

favicona Space with valuables.

It is common for every home to have a special place where important personal documents, cash savings, valuable items, electronic devices, among other things are stored. Security cameras can be installed in each room of your home, for example in the room of your baby or your small children to detect any movement.

In Smart Areas we know that by implementing the right technology we can provide you with greater security and tranquility in your home. We have a wide variety of brands and options to protect your heritage.

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