Halloween party with automations

Having a smart home provides great benefits every day, such as being able to perform daily activities more easily and having control from your cell phone to enjoy better comfort.

Home automation can be considered as an aesthetic complement. In our entry home decoration with automations we mention certain elements that will help you have a smart home.

Your automations will also be very useful when you make parties at your home, be it birthdays, national celebrations or any event you wish to organize, you can also surprise all your friends.

4 automations for you Halloween party

favicona Multiroom audio.

Music is essential at any party and limiting it to a single space, such as the living room, will prevent your friends from being in the kitchen, or anywhere else in your home, from not can enjoy the party.

If you have the speakers Sonos, then you can use its multiroom audio function so that music, like MJ’s Thriller, plays all over your house or choose a different song for each space.

favicona Lighting control

To have the perfect Halloween lighting the lights must be of different shades such as orange, red, purple or blue, this will help you create better environments.

Having a lighting control, such as Savant, will allow you to program the colors for each room and that these change from time to time, or that all the lights go out in the middle of your party to create a more terrifying atmosphere, then you can turn everything on again from your cell phone and continue with the party.

favicona Home theater

As part of the entertainment of your party you can create a special time for everyone to watch a horror movie, for example That (It) whether new or classic, you can put vote days before what movie they would like to see.

Use your Savant control to program the ideal horror night environment and surprise your guests.

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favicona Video intercom

Whether you invite few or many people, having to go to the door to see who has arrived can prevent you from enjoying your own party. But you can take advantage of your video intercom to see who has arrived and let them pass from wherever you are.


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