New technologies for the home

The Expo Cedia is an event where new technologies are presented, in September this year held in Denver, Colorado. During this Expo we met new products that will help improve home automation by turning them into smart homes.

Technology is constantly updated to adapt to people’s new lifestyles.

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3 technologies that you can include in your life

favicona Indoor waterproof TV

Waterproof TVs are designed to work in the kitchen, spa, bars or bathrooms. These televisions can adapt to places never seen before, they are installed on the walls to enjoy a better image without compromising the design and surface space, this avoids having a mess with cables.

Each TV is designed for humid environments guaranteeing a safe and foggy display, it has a tempered safety glass to provide safe long-term entertainment.

It can be easily cleaned and its various color options combine with any interior finish. Screen sizes can be 19 or 27 inches.



favicona Outdoor TV


Can you imagine being outside your home, feeling the fresh air to enjoy your favorite shows or movies with your family or friends? Enjoying outdoor television is now a reality.

The designs of these televisions are resistant to weathering, shock and are anti-glare, are calibrated to offer the best images either in shade or in full sun, in addition to They offer customizable colors.

The screens can be up to 86 inches, have 4k UHD technology and allow you to add various accessories such as Bluetooth sound bars, wall mounts and protective covers.


favicona Network Solutions

Having a wide range of reliable, high-performance networking solutions in smart homes, such as wireless routers, switches, and access points, enhances WiFi experiences.

These solutions are easy to install and offer reliable and fast connectivity anywhere in your home.

In this event a wireless mesh solution was presented where two nodes have a dual purpose, one node acts as a router and the other can be an additional satellite, these and the other nodes They do not need cables to communicate guaranteeing solid connectivity.



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