Change the doorbell of your home for DoorBird IP

The doorbells of a house have long worked as a way to warn that someone is outside your home, but does not give you more information, anyone can be calling your Door from family, friends, vendors, messengers, etc. and making the decision to open the door can jeopardize your security.

Why change your doorbell to DoorBird IP?

If you still have a common bell at home, it’s because you still don’t know the advantages of implementing a video intercom. Not only will you be able to know that someone is knocking at your door, but that you will be able to see and talk with the person before opening.

With DoorBird you can know who is in your home easily from your cell phone. The team has an integrated motion detector that will create a notification, which you will receive to see and talk to anyone. You do not need to be in your home, as long as you have an Internet connection you will know who is knocking at your door.

Benefits of DoorBird IP

  • Exclusive design. Manufactured from Germany with high quality materials, has an innovative technology that allows you to have a high-definition wide-angle image and also has night vision.
  • Different connections. Not only One person will be in charge of knowing who is in your home, up to 8 different devices can be connected to receive notifications.
  • Visitor history . La Recording is free, a history with photo, time and date is created in which anyone has been detected to be stored in the cloud with high quality images.
  • Easy to install . Remove your existing doorbell and connect the two cables to the video intercom and turn it on. To connect it you can use Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable and start receiving notifications in real time.
  • Connectors . DoorBird offers a Free function so you have complete control of your home. You can convert your traditional devices, such as door openers into smart devices or connect your favorite accessories so you don’t need to replace them.

Implementing a video intercom like DoorBird IP in your home is the best decision you can make to enjoy greater security and comfort. Your application is available for Android and iOS.

In Smart Areas we offer different security systems to help our customers stay insurance in their homes or businesses.

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