We have specialized and experienced staff, able to advise our clients to find the most appropriate solution that can meet their needs. Some of the areas of expertise we have are

Orientation and analysis of the most appropriate home automation solutions .
Registration of information on the needs and requirements of the client.

Transformation of homes into safe smart homes with reliable and easy-to-use home automation solutions.
Search for integral solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of each client.

Proposal of solutions and products that adapt to the characteristics of each project.
Evaluation of systems already installed for optimization or renewal.

Integration of technological systems to create security, energy saving, entertainment, communications, automation, voice, data and control solutions for houses and buildings.
We advise construction professionals, architects, engineers, electrical and maintenance personnel regarding special installations.

We have solutions for new, existing or remodeling buildings.
Consulting on solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

Engineering and design

We focus on designing each solution, according to what our customers request, either a simple solution or a more complete and comprehensive solution. For the development of the design we search for systems or devices that meet the expectations of quality, aesthetics and functionality, involving engineering to integrate each system to the creation of an executive project that helps to develop it. This characteristic is one of the main strengths of the company, since our engineers have the skills to perform the following tasks:

Create the overall project plan.
Define and design the equipment that will be integrated.

Recommend the design of video audio automation, lighting, security.
Integrate products and systems available in the market to design solutions tailored to the client.

Create executive plans that include product specifications, wiring diagrams and installation recommendations.
If the customer has a solution and needs to grow or adapt it, we take care of integrating it with the new solutions.

Implementation and support

We know the need for our clients to be taken care of as soon as possible to access the maintenance or adjustment service of the systems they use; That is why we have a team specialized in the area of services, capable of responding to our clients' requests in a short time, so that they can continue enjoying their systems as soon as possible.

The best team of engineers, architects and technicians.
Project management, including planning, monitoring, management and problem solving.

Installation, configuration and programming of solutions.




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