SOLATUBE® is the most efficient natural light system in the world, with its cutting-edge technology provides, in an efficient and aesthetic way, what conventional domes and skylights have failed to offer in many years.

The SOLATUBE natural light system is today the natural lighting product with the most advanced technology. With its revolutionary design and maximum performance, it fills any interior space with pure, clear and natural light.

The original and revolutionary design, as well as the quality of its materials offer attractive benefits:
  • Important energy savings
  • Natural light without damage to the interiors, since it filters the harmful UV rays
  • Minimum heat transfer
  • Guaranteed tightness
  • Unbeatable light quality all year round
  • Does not require maintenance
  • 10 year warranty

SOLATUBE Operation Digrama

1. Capture.

With the patented technologies in our domes, sunlight is captured and redirected inside the tube. With SOLATUBE, it is possible to maintain a constant lighting curve during the day, all year round, capturing more light in the morning and afternoon, and eliminating excess light during noon, considerably improving visual comfort.

2. Transfer.

The reflective material is what allows us to transport the maximum amount of light captured by the Bubble or Dome into a space without loss of "intensity", maintaining a 99% Color Naturalness Index. The reflective material is essential to provide an efficient amount of lighting in lumens, without a doubt, one of the most valuable components in the technology of tubular domes.

3. Spread.

Natural light is diffused in the room in question by a diffuser, very aesthetic and special design placed at the lower end of the tube.

Commercial Use

Since SOLATUBE invented and patented the first tubular dome, it has been dedicated with care to the manufacture of an excellent product of the highest quality, which has allowed it to maintain its leadership in the world market, being the only one that has 99.7% reflective Spectalight Infinity material, which allows you to provide unsurpassed quantity and unbeatable light quality.

Residential Use

SOLATUBE transforms your home by bringing the beauty and brightness of sunlight through advanced technology that allows you to enjoy the highest quality of natural light from sunrise to sunset, achieving more habitable spaces.

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