Your glory days are over. The 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor online slot lets you pick a color before each Win Spin, and if the choice matches the color, it activates an increasing win multiplier, with no upper limit! Only Thor is renowned to be less smart. You can keep your astronomers.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Avis Casinos est à l'écoute ! Hello there have you seen a tall bearded old man who is wearing his mother's drapes? De son intervention, naissance sur les rouleaux d’un empilement de symboles les uns sur les autres. Zeus maybe able to toe to toe with Kratos but he is nothing to Thor's opponents who can easily burst planets and he even vaporized a living one too! In this case, Zeus' title card in the Behind the Scenes part three is misspelled as Z, He is the second rapper to have a title card spelled correctly in the battle but incorrectly in the Behind the Scenes, after. Length Those who study Norse mythology, or are fans of Marvel movies, will know about Thor’s dysfunctional family. I'll be the first to put it in writing!

Au rayon des bonus, on retrouve les grands classiques, à l’image des symboles Wild et Scatter, des multiplicateurs et des mini-jeux. 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor™, en partenariat avec 4ThePlayer après un lancement exclusif limité réussi avec GVC. Empire Fortune™, distribue un jackpot de 4,2 millions d’euros! Release date
95 Location(s) For thousands of kilometers, discovering the continents! Dans Zeus vs. Thor™, vous avez donc la possibilité d’activer une feature inédite qui vous permet de choisir l’un ou l’autre des deux camps. Vous pouvez révoquer votre consentement à tout moment en utilisant le bouton « Révoquer le consentement ». Timeline (Woof!). Zeus: I WILL NOT SURRENDER TO A FAKE GOD LIKE YOU *Zeus teleports out of sight*, Thor: It's no use hiding MIGHTY TORNADO *Creates a tornado until he heard a voice*. The Warning

Wiz: But he can enter Warrior's Madness which makes him ten times stronger but his mind isn't exactly there and is a berserker. It is also the first between high-ranking gods in their respective mythologies, Greek and Nordic. Win Spins regorge également de redéclencheurs. Auteur de la page : Antoine Although Zeus and Thor are alike in many ways, thier role in mythology is entirely different. Follow @genius Penguin City™, nouvelle machine à sous hilarante signé par Yggdrasil ! Yggdrasil, le fournisseur de solutions de jeux en ligne innovantes, a publié son dernier titre YG Masters! 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor est disponible sur tablette, ordinateur et mobile. En effet, une bataille jamais vue auparavant sur l’univers iGaming est en train de voir le jour… SoftGamings signe un accord de franchise avec Yggdrasil! Dark Vortex™, une machine à sous innovante (Buy Bonus), multiplication de 7 000 fois ! Next Nolimit City: vient tout juste de lancer la dernière machine à sous Warrior Graveyard xNudge™ ! Itchy trigger finger quicker with the bolts than Usain!

La nouvelle slot machine 2 Gods: Zeus VS Thor™ va surement faire parler d’elle ! Ruling over the Greeks: a people weak and frightened! Thor: Huh?

Yggdrasil entre en partenariat avec Fantasma Games ! How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Marvel vs God of War' themed Death Battles, Death Battles with a Returning OMM Combatant, Death Battles with a returning DBX combatant,, Takes out Mjolnir and hits a frost giant*, Zeus's paranoia kept telling him Thor would be a threat*, Thor is driving a car down a desert when Zeus destroyed it with his lighting*, Thor then comes out of the rubble without a significant sign of injury*, Zeus then summons even more legions of creatures to protect him as he dodged the blast which destroyed Mars which he charges his Geo Force*. La machine à sous à cinq rouleaux 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor™ présente la première fonctionnalité mondiale DUAL SPIN™! Put your daddy on the phone! *Start to summon creatures and a clone comes out and starts to shoot at Thor*, Thor: LOOK OUT! And I will wipe out this plague! Other information With his short-handled hammer, called Mjolnir, a pair of iron gloves that helped him wield the hammer, and a belt that increased strength, he was seen as the protector of gods and men. Are you a child of Gaea? I'll be boozing on some ouzo at the beach with Loki! A ce moment là, toujours un multiplicateur de gain croissant. *3 hours later* MY HANDS FELT LIKE THEY COULD BREAK, Wiz: I told ya so and besides that weighs so much because it was forged of a dying star's core so…, Wiz: You rushed off so i couldn't finished. À vous de décider ce qui convient le mieux à votre style de jeu ! Flash in the Pan Hip Hop Conflicts of Nowadays,, Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers,, This is the first battle where neither the thumbnail nor the cover art showed either rapper. My father, Odin is the king of the gods, Zeus: Once I deal with you I will bring down you're father, Thor: I won't allow it *Thor grabbed into his attire and Mjonir*, Zeus: I will show you what happens when you defy Olympus, Thor: Have at thee *Jumps in the air to strike Zeus which he dodges that cause a shockwave*. You're Thor skinned dick cheddar, smegma! Got the thunder down under nailing Natalie Portman! 3 scatters de n’importe quelle couleur (rouge ou bleu) déclenchent le bonus de tours gagnants. The 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor online slot is the work of 4ThePlayer, a company launched in 2019 from a base in the UK. Without the Avengers, you would never be remembered! I'd spit in your face, but you'd probably like it!

Anyways while at first without the hammer Thor can't use his powers he can now and manipulate the weather to shoot more lighting. Lightning Joker™ en mode turbo chez Yggdrasil Gaming! Views

Dual Spin™ place les joueurs au cœur de l’action comme jamais auparavant. By the time I'm finished whipping you with wits and rhymes. //]]>, Genius is down for a quick minute (clicking “refresh” might help), Requested URL:, User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko. This is the first battle of Season 4 to have no guest rappers. Using Plus and Minus buttons, you select stakes from just 0.10 per spin to a maximum of 20.00. "But I have to save the mortals!" Let this sink in: I'm about to rain on your parade! Veikkaus alimenté par la ludothèque de jeux Yggdrasil! You call yourself mighty but you're not to my liking. You've never been to war with the likes of Thor before! In terms of role as King of the Gods though, they are the same. DreamTech Gaming utilise la technologie GATI de YG Master! Si vous choisissez Thor (bouton bleu), les lignes se forment dans le sens inverse, de la droite vers la gauche ! L’arrière-plan du jeu incorpore une image avec les deux dieux puissants et les principaux symboles sont représentés par des navires, des casques, des monstres et des guerriers des légendes grecques et nordiques. Is that true my brother Poseidon, Poseidon: Yes brother he calls himself Thor, Thor: King of the Gods? Beat(s) Who's next? This is the second battle where the thumbnail was changed, after, This is the first battle where something was visually censored, in this case, the, This battle had the second most locations (without counting reused footage), with seven different locations in total, after. Thor: Thermo-Blast *The blast then is send to Zeus where he was flying inside the hurricanes as it Thor ignored the lightings almost fatally hitting Zeus but it only hit his left side* Zeus: GAHHHHH *As Zeus is screaming in pain* How can i deal with this humiliation on being bested by my own element *Sees the blade of Olympus* One last time I can kill him for I am the king of the gods Zeus Number The only piece not made from Lego in the battle was the pixelated Frost Giant's testicles, made from sticky tack. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? La nouvelle machine à sous d’Yggdrasil Zeus vs. Thor™ est le fruit d’une collaboration avec le développeur spécialisé dans la création de jeux de casino sur mobile 4ThePlayer. Zeus: I will show you what a real thunder god does *Shoots lightning from the sky at Thor who simply redirects them back at Zeus* How in the name of Olympus did you do that? MC Hammer just got struck twice by greased lightning! Now, make like your daddy and swallow my babies! About “Zeus vs Thor”. En effet, deux boutons différents sont disponibles pour lancer les Spins, ce qui signifie que l’usager a deux fois plus de chances de gagner. And you grope so many maids you surely have the thunderclap! This blond shit talker is soft as Betty Crocker! Zeus: Then you must be killed at all cost *Zeus then starts to teleport and catch Thor off guard hitting him rapidly then throwing him off with telekinesis before shooting more bolts of lighting at the young thunder god* Hmph learn your place, Thor: That was quite a beat up. Rhymes colder than the frosty balls of your, Send you deeper underground than the depths of your, Take your little tool away, you're just a blond. It was released on November 24th, 2014.

Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter Boomstick: It can also redirect energy back and manipulate matter with a bit of transmutation also being able hit even intangible beings generate force fields which is already pretty great. Or can the King of Olympus make Thor pay for defying him?

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