Commercial Tuna Fishing Safety Gear Checklist, Problem Solving: Tuna Feeding on Krill #254, Problem Solving: Bottom Grubbing Tuna on Sand Eels #253, Problem Solving: Small Pods of Breaking and Cruising Tuna Hard to Catch #252, Problem Solving: Breaking Tuna Won't Eat #251, Problem Solving: Life, Birds and Bait, But No Tuna #250, How To: Fight and Land a Bluefin Tuna #212, Playbook: Troll Scanning for Bluefin Tuna (Casting) #235, Playbook: Search and Ready for Bluefin Tuna (Casting) #234, Playbook: Approaching Slow Cruising Bluefin Tuna (Casting) #233, Playbook: Blind Casting for Bluefin Tuna (Casting) #232, Playbook: Walk and Gun for Bluefin Tuna (Casting) #231, Playbook: Run and Gun for Bluefin Tuna (Casting) #230, How To: Casting Retrieves for Bluefin Tuna #213, Gear: Hogy System Tuna Lures for Troll Scanning #208, Playbook: Hybrid Jigging Methods for Bluefin Tuna #220, Gear: Hogy System Jigging Lures for Bluefin Tuna #207, How To: Jigging Techniques for Bluefin Tuna #215, Gear: Tuna Jigging and Casting Preparation Tips #206, Strategy: Finding Bluefin Tuna around Cape Cod #211, Gear: Bluefin Tuna Favorite Baits and What Lures to Use #205, Gear: Line, Leaders and Terminal Connections for Tuna - Jigging and Casting #201, Gear: Best Tuna Jigging Rods and Reels #200, Gear: Best Tuna Casting and Jigging Lures #202. Click on the links or The lures themselves are not all that different in size, which means that by upgrading your terminal connections for tuna, you can use the same gear. Therefore you need to pay attention to your gear choices and how you put it all together, starting from the line and ending at the lure. And i was wondering Since i have been using your lures that maby i can tell everybody that your lures are basicaly amazing and that it catches more fish than any others, an that maby i can test some of your product and send you pictures. This tuna must have been a particularly proud member of his species. With that last preparation, he was ready—or ready as he’d ever be, anyway—to cast his miniscule line into the lair of the gigantic beast. “We use 200-pound test and dangle a flying fish from a helium balloon to catch these monsters,” Price told … I opt for the 7-foot rod if I want to cast at fish, but the 6-foot, 6-inch is my favorite for vertical jigging with a spinning reel. The 130lb class reels are simply too heavy for stand-up. If there’s a weak link, this is the fish that is going to expose it. The early bite was best. Line with moderate stretch is good for trolling because it may be the difference between hooking the fish or ripping the hook right out of its mouth. These rings will also work with topwater plugs and again eliminates knots and reduces the waste of fluorocarbon line, which is expensive. A lesser reel would have simply melted. This reel is great because it comes with a 2-speed option and – if you dare – 45 pounds of drag. A large bluefin tuna can … Low Memory – helps you achieve more accuracy, farther casts and less chance of wind knots, Greater abrasion resistance – KastKing braided fishing line decreases the likelihood of losing the “big one” because of line damage. The best fishing line for tuna is KastKing SuperPower Superline braided fishing line. Less stretch in fishing line results in more sensitivity to feel the fish, which is what anglers are looking for. 2. For example, early last summer I was throwing out silver and pearl RonZ over and over with surprisingly little action, as these had been my number-one colors from the year before. Huk Pro Staff member, Skeet Reese, was on deck with Verner that day. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 On The Water, LLC. Spinning gear, on the other hand, is generally thought of as light-line finesse tackle, best suited for bass, trout, and panfish—hardly suitable for bluefin tuna fishing. The special proprietary treatment allows the supple fishing line to fly through the guides to your target and provide better lure swimming action. Lighter rods simply will not have enough power to get the fish to a position where the wireman get grab the leader. We recommend Spectra/Dyneema for higher tensile strength at smaller diameters, which reduces the weight of the tackle and increases the amount of line that fits onto the spool (e.g. Sign up for our FREE Fishing Reports Today! The 90-pound-test Big Game coils are available in 30 meter lengths, so you can get about five 18- to 20-foot leaders off one of these coils. Paul Hebert: It was in the skiff with my dad, the fish was 1,287 pounds, and we caught two that day by hand line.

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