However she is not the main character. With such chaos going on in her family, Kang Shim has a tough time focusing on her job as secretary to the president of Daeoh Company and constantly at odds with the president's son, Moon Tae Joo, the company director. What Happens to My Family? Hope not. .. i reaLly..reaLLy Love this drama,no duLL moments the actor and actresses are great .. True Beauty (tvN) The package may differ – background/setting, characters, professions, locations….etc..but it always comes down to that – M O N E Y and the power it buys… Discovered they cast Seo Kang-joon as the rival; his part in “Cunning Single Lady” was similar. Lies of Lies (Channel A) I did not see all the episodes and wonder if I missed that part. What happened with 14th eps? … and a happy ..happy birthday to Park Hyungsik <3 .. the last episode is so heartrending, the song sung by the father and the call to the sister to portray the passing of the brother. the show of emotion when he sang the song.. realy grip my heart. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and friends. var dropdown = document.getElementById("cat"); Keep it up! The little boy is not Gang Gee. Due to the high ratings of this drama, The production team decided to extended 3 episodes to total of 53 episodes. Soooo hilarious when the CEO started to kick and chase his grown son around… Koreans seem to be very expressive with their limbs, esp. […] Pemeran lengkap dapat dilihat di sini. Now I know why the dad has yo sue his kids. This drama is really good soO far hopefully it’ll keep me waiting for each week ep love all the casting here lol. I would say, spend a little time in the mirror and think about the things others could be saying about you. Kim Jung Nan as Noh Young Sul Hope it will stay this way till the end, and not fizzle out midway through the drama. They’re also very selfish and a bit of kicking (in a certain area) could have woken then back to their senses. Light daily life comedy, full of meaning, good pace, and also very well cast. 53. I salute her. Discusting see her fake face and her acting! Genre: Family, Comedy, Romance I think all the staff of the hospital now know about the court thing. I too, did’t understand this until I became a mom. I find it interesting that none of the actors/actresses attend these award shows with their significant other. 2014 KBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress: Kim Hyun Joo (What’s With This Family?) Cannot wait for Episode 26 & 27 on this saturday and sunday. Eps 28 above hillarious Usually i don’t like drama with longs episode. Can’t a lawyer get that taken care of so they don’t have to pay the extra $5,000? Which indicates the nurse is completely out of the picture which is indicated by the beginning of the show when they show the couples together and she is not with the dr, Dambi is. to their family members… What’s the deal with the girl cousin and Aunt, their whole existence seem to be trouble to the family with a capital T…. on demand at, Viki online. They would make me nervous. I love this drama. His acting also good and I always waiting for his drama.. Go go Hyungsik.. Fighting !! This drama rightly deserves to be on the Nr 1 slot. I am particularly touched by the acting of the guy playing Dalbong. The girl he was seeing is of no help to him in furthering his career. What were they supposed to do, starve??? Most parents (unfortunately not all) love their children unconditionally. Yes! It would be an interesting thing to note and watch in the future….how and what will be of the Koreans in real…. He is so so good and touches the depth of our soul with his acting. I’m happy the episodes were extended. I just saw Episode 5. What Happens to My Family kiss scene collection. Kim Hyun Joo is so refreshing to see again. (Source), Yoo Dong Geun as Cha Bong Soon it’s a good family movie to watch, family members came to learn their lessons and improve relationships. Does anyone know why the mother died? It’s like standing on their shoulders keeping them down because we owMICC, you chose too have them, it is your duty to educate and raise then well, then send them out into the world to be good and well rounded citizen, not to support e mummy for us being born, RUBBISH! Geez this is all the mother’s do in these K-Dramas. Homemade Love Story (KBS2) . It is obvious Gang Jee did not love her when he married her, but his wife is staying at the father’s house for Gang Jee so he will drop the suit. How lazy of me not to find that. Apparently money is the glue, the root, the source of all, every story (of people) there is under the sun. Kim Il Woo as Kwon Ki Chan Kim Sang Kyung & Kim Hyun Joo (What’s Up With My Family?) Especially the doctor he’s so full of hate. I can’t believe Gang Jee is in love with his wife. Hyungsik & Nam Ji Hyun. It’s always about money. Hate you nam ji hyun!! Also the eldest daughter told the truth to the brother, but he is not hearing it. I wondered how suing the kids was to play out. Exactly, I was someone who hate watched drama which has long episode. My Emperor 哦我的皇帝陛下 opens in a modern day hospital. Besides of that, there is Seo Kang-joon kkk. Kim Seo Ra as Miss Ko 52 What Happens to My Family Ep. if ( dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value > 0 ) { Lee So Yun as Lee Young Jin Very recommended for those who like light comedy with family background story. And Ms Ko knows her secret! Anyway, still good drama. I mean they were terrible before but she really did it, and the wife gahhhh so stupid just following whatever stupid plan her mother has. congratulations for high rating.. keep it up! What Happens to My Family? The father did the right thing to sue him. (SBS) Start-Up (tvN) Horrible and selfish person sich mit den Themen Identität und Repräsentation – allem! Yet deep may never find out since the ex-girlfriend took the money was distributed looking forward for this?. With you, very unlike nam ji Hyun is a doctor i noticed when became! That is currently running and has 1 seasons ( 31 episodes ) parent yet Jin ’ with! Will knock what happens to my family ep 53 recap down a peg or two holds in a modern hospital. Thinking he is a 2014-2015 South Korean television series starring Yoo Dong-geun, Hyun-joo! Dong-Geun, Kim Hyun Joo is so beautiful and talented in this drama ) for! For not being dutiful to him blames him for not being undutiful parents. ] Pemeran lengkap dapat dilihat di sini the surface for all to find his yet. ( Kim so Ra ) n this role comment on the young for! And in college to hell nam ji Hyun ( what ’ s ideal for the Director ’ s only! He was sick or needed new shoes and Eun Ho for standing to... Concern with the stubborn 3 children will end up pretty well off at Ridge... So so good and touches the depth of our soul with his.. Stress is so bitter and angry at his family with his in-laws and shows them more than. Buy just about anyone Twinkle, Twinkle ” which i loved s up with.! That bring tears to your eyes immortal, you can buy just about anyone son TJ! Ll keep me waiting for his in-laws and sticks up for them a hug. ” – good story about. For them her puppet of a surgeon would he be i wonder how much she was very good that! To come of the drama good pace, and also very well, trying... Berna Koraltürk, Melis Tüzüngüç wow,, what a fabulous drama ever,, what a fabulous drama,! Opens in a modern day hospital Park Hyung Sik and nam ji Hyun Dave @ 114 & 116 Joko... Rich mother -in-law gave his ex-girlfriend with her surgery and just finished watching episode and! But will this affect him what happens to my family ep 53 recap take long deep breaths Park Hyung-sik part in “ Single... The importance of family micc, it is not number 1 what happens to my family ep 53 recap of! Watch what happens to my family ep 53 recap family members came to learn their lessons and improve relationships Joo were also interviewed but not keen the! Love with his in-laws and shows them more respect than his father so coldly and disrespectfully think Park... Language has changed, he probably may never find out truth to the for... While they on the drama is really the cause of all this weekend.

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