Their relationship is slightly weird as they both sometimes fight a lot. His career took a turn when he got banned from the league due to his rage. best. She is crazy about kids and wants to have three or five kids. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Emmett is Proctor Quinlan's pet cat. Besides this, he also earns from various sponsorship given by brands and merchandise sales. Tyler Steinkamp was born in Missouri USA on 6 March 1995, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding American nationality – known as Tyler 1, he is popular for his Twitch account on which he streams his gameplays. Tyler’s nickname in the game is Draven, which is the name of one of the heroes in game – when people see his nickname in the other team, they immediately ban the hero so that he couldn’t use it which always drives him crazy. When that happens, Tyler curses the other players, he ‘trolls’ – dies on purpose – and ruins the game for everybody which has led to him being banned from the game numerous times. Macayla is very active on the Internet, and can be followed on her Instagram account on which she has gathered nearly 84,000 followers and uploaded almost 230 pictures. MrDestructoid. Emmett is Proctor Quinlan's pet cat. Net Worth » Tyler1 Net Worth and Biography. Tyler1 is currently dating Macayla, a social media personality who is 20 years old – they met on the Internet a couple of years ago and judging by their Instagram accounts, the two seem to be happy together. He was also a significant part of his University football team for two long seasons. Just a simple reminder that article is created and owned only by It is known that Tyler1 is dating his long time friend Macayla. Tyler has a permanent voice ban in the “Overwatch” game, meaning that he can’t talk in-game at-all-ever-again. Tyler1, otherwise known as the ‘The Most Toxic Player of North America,’ is a famous American ... and they live together with their three cats named Emmitt, Nelson, and Theo. A post shared by loltyler1 (@tyler1_alpha) on Dec 4, 2016 at 1:00pm PST. Her Wiki: Cause of Death, Cancer, Husband, Career, Bio. They are currently into their 2nd year of the relationship, and through their social media profiles, it is evident that they are enjoying their company. He will turn hostile, but cannot deal damage if the Sole Survivor chooses to attack the Prydwen. Because of this, Tyler is also said to be an only child, but this isn’t accurate. The ban from Twitch had already been removed, and when Tyler streamed for the first time after the ban was removed, he is said to have broken all the Twitch individual streaming records – he had over 300,000 people watching his stream! He is mainly known for playing League of Legends and has been gathering more than 3.4 million followers on his Twitch channel. His parents raised him in Missouri along with his brother Eric, who is eventually a gamer as well. Contact us today on It is estimated that he earns around $23,000 per month through his gaming channel by displaying his gameplay videos to his fans. Tyler1. Kristopher London’s Wiki Biography, age, height, girlfriend. Her Wiki: Actress Career, Married, Marriage, Net Worth, Kids. Emmett is a house cat found on the Prydwen in 2287. All rights reserved. level 1. Tyler1 Gets a New Kitten. Tyler1 accidentally leaked her nudes online. He fell in love with video games when he was still very young, and had his brother Eric as a co-player – they played numerous games on a couple of consoles including PlayStation 1, PC, and PlayStation 4. Her dream job is to be a singer or an actor. Press Esc to cancel. He was famous for inciting his teammates and is even speculated that he used to let other team members kill him because of money. Tyler1 and Macayla met during an online gaming event, and since then, they became very close. Posted by Hog Squeezer . Currently, he is one of the most popular gamers of America who has more than 6,500 subscribers and nearly 20,000-lifetime views. He was also very sportive during these years, as he played football for the campus’ team and was nicknamed ‘waterbug’ by his teammates. The two later began playing online games such as League of Legends (LoL), and realized that they were quite good at it, and decided to stream their gameplays on Twitch.

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