[Facebook "Share," Twitter "Tweet this," and Google+ "+1" buttons are found at the bottom of this post. Teatro Kolehiyo ng Miriam's "R.U.R. in front of my. ... Kon kimo may magsipaea. A relationship blossoms between him and Victor, who is wheelchair-bound after a bout with polio. Back to article list September 23, 2008 REINERIO A. ALBA Is any man these days worth a poem? But what may have given away the book as a collection of poems written by a gay person (I say “may” because others may argue the author to be an aging spinster woman writer gone wistful) would be the very idea put forth by the title: that of “buying” a guy. to attract one’s man, others would likely chorus. The complainant was accompanied by three lawyers. / We are both fairies / Cursed by the envious witch / And trapped in our bodies / Without mouths / Without hands / To ask / For your love.) He is a five-time awardee of the Palanca Awards and … He writes in four languages, English, Filipino, Hiligaynon and Karay-a. Longing for Lagen 1. From the idea of poems being worthy of a trade for a man, the poet has, at this point, appropriated it a new value: the poems have become charms with which he could attract other men. Depicting the daily lives of homosexual Filipino men through his colorful portrayals, the multi-award-winning writer from San Jose de Buenavista, Antique has masterfully crafted another milestone in his career publishing the… Reading Two Women Authors from Antique . as my slipper. / Our love has no name / Because many are against it.) Pero patuloy This was my initial internal question when friend Roel Hoang Manipon handed me a copy of John Iremil E. Teodoro’s latest collection of poetry. to the sea. ... John Teodoro is a biology graduate-turned-award-winning-playwright. / Walang pangalan ang Ating pagsinta / Sapagkat marami ang kumokontra.” (Our hearts’ enemies / Are the laws of government, church, and society. Contact 0917-826-2880. Having come up initially with such a working title, one imagines the author setting to work at once and writing ten poems in one sitting. His first full-length play in Filipino Unang Ulan ng Mayo (The First Rain of May) won 2nd Place at the 1997 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature . hay nagahibayag. by by john iremil e. teodoro IT was raining heavily one late afternoon in August when writers from all over the archipelago gathered at the Escaler Hall of … Sa Teksto We appreciate his self-deprecating humor in “Paghahanap kay Tarzan sa Kagubatan ng Palawan:” (In Search of Tarzan in the Forests of Palawan) “Gusto ko kapag nag-date kami / Ay bigla niya na lamang akong / Hahablutin sa kamay / Habang naglalakad ako / Sa ilog na mabato.” (I would like that if we go out / He would immediately / Grab my hand / While I am walking / In a pebbled-strewn river.)

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