(Note that historically, "Dutch" could refer to German dialects, as well.) Please refrain from singing that song. It was the first song to popularize the use of "izz" infixation (ie. double (twice, i.e. This usage dates from 1870 (an earlier version had is as high Dutch) and is heard less today than the synonym double talk. How to use double Dutch in a sentence. Double Dutch is an American game made popular in urban areas. )," where he spells out HOVA in izzle-speak: H to the Izz-o, V to the Izz-A more than) + Dutch For sense 1: The English, historically, found Dutch (albeit a Western Germanic language) particularly difficult to understand, so anything that was completely incomprehensible would be double Dutch, i.e. "Wizze izzare plizzayin dizzouble dizzutch" which translates as "We are playing double dutch"). Going Dutch means: to split the bill. Normally, someone would say: "I'll pay this time, next time it's your turn", but you can let everybody pay the total divided by the number of persons, or just let everyone pay for what they ordered their selves. It is used in your example only because the word "Dutch" is English for the language spoken in The Netherlands - So, it is playing with the idea that if "Dutch" is a foreign language that is not understood, "Double Dutch" must be: Double Dutch definition is - unintelligible language. During the 16-19th century naval expansionist period in Europe, The Netherlands emerged as a natural competitor to the British at sea, culminating the Anglo-Dutch Wars. twice as hard as Dutch. Example: She sang a refrain from a song. The Dutch themselves admit it’s an ugly language, and yet, it’s not without charm; how can you not love a language that has a verb for eating sweets, ‘snoepen’ (I snoep, you snoep, we all snoep! A song written by Bill Bloom and Frankie Smith and performed by Frankie Smith. Leave – To “leave” can mean to depart or to leave something behind. ‘instructions written in double Dutch’ ‘The rules are as follows: whoever leaves first is a twat, too stupid to realise that you're not a real moviegoer unless you stay for the credits, whether they be in Cantonese or double Dutch.’ Example: I am leaving on a jet plane. Originally released in 1981 by WMOT records. The reference to double Dutch dates back to the 17th century, when the English had a low opinion of the Dutch and their language due to the hostilities between England and the Netherlands, according to this site. It is a a way of skipping rope where 2 ropes are used at the same time - spun in opposite directions. ), or, resist the cuteness of ‘rondsnuffelen’, my personal favourite, meaning to browse. A term related to double Dutch is apparently used in … Double Dutch: Language that cannot be understood, gibberish, as in "They might have been speaking double Dutch, for all I understood." Refrain – A “refrain” can mean a repeating phrase or verse in a song or poem, while in verb form it can mean to stop doing something. Etymology []. But "Double Dutch Bus" has a secret weapon: a hook filled with a kind of pig Latin variation sung by Smith and a group of kids along the lines of: Mizzo izzay wizzat nizzo yizzou izzay This was a precursor to Jay-Z's improvised language in his 2001 hit "Izzo (H.O.V.A.

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