Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. OFFICER to DISPATCH: “10-4, you can show me 10-51 to the Signal 40 audible”. I watched the film Triple 9 and was wondering why that code isn’t on this list. that any codes are out of date, or if you have one to add to the Most States it’s 11-11 (Officer down / officer needs help). The most common ten code associated with code 46 is 10-46, which means to “provide motorist with assistance.”. List of Police Officer Equipment Why there is no code for saying THANK YOU? As a result, they don’t have to mentally refer back to the list of ten codes to decipher a transmission. Police Scanner 11 Codes. A scanner device is further enhanced with the use of codes, like number or color codes. Police 10 Codes - A reference listing of police 10 codes. TRANSLATION: The officer affirms receiving the message (10-4) and is now en route (10-51) to the predetermined location where there the audible burglar alarm is being reported. We have codes that start with 11 too. If you notice Today, however, some of the codes were replaced and used with simpler terms to prevent having to refer to the set often, especially considering that the lists are usually hefty. I can’t find what these mean, does anyone know? From there each county police frequency is shown as well as a list of cities and towns to choose from. RadioLabs and While there are standardized codes, certain states and even particular departments (such as fire or emergencies) might require some codes to be more specific to them. Of course, there are some things they don’t want the public to hear. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 10-32 means misdemeanor warrant for arrest of that person. Here are some of the codes currently used in the United States: Police scanner penal codes are formulated to keep communications fast and efficient. The in field 10-100 is better than taking a 10-200. These radio signals were invented to help reduce the use of speech on the police radio. I have been a Ham for 32 years & for the majority of that time I’ve been very involved In ARES, RACES, SKYWARN, & MARS, I’ve been an EC, DEC, & SEC in 1 or more of these organizations. This jurisdictional incongruity is a major safety concern for the public as well as for responding to law enforcement and other emergency personnel. It monitors UHF and VHF hand-held mobile radio systems. Amateur radio Ham operators do not use ten-codes. Can you 10-9 your last transmission?”. Number or color codes were devised to refer to particular situations encountered by the police, firemen, and the like – but in an abbreviated way. Michael created eInvestigator.com more than 20 years ago after working as a private investigator in the state of Florida. The most obvious example is 10-4, which is simply used to signify acknowledgment. The following is a list of police, Now that you have your own police scanner, you find that some conversations make little to no sense, especially when they’re coming from law enforcement agencies. The Phonetic Alphabet is used by police officers, cops, military officials, and even private investigators and civilians during radio communications. Police Codes. These individuals use the alphabet to ensure clear communication when they talk with other cops, dispatch or other officials. However, some departments may assign a different meaning to it. If you are stopped by an officer and they radio bag you have a pending 10 what does that mean. These codes are used by police to communicate more effectively over their radios. For example, police departments in the state of California will likely use different codes and signals than the state of Florida, New York, or Texas. Originally, Police 10 codes were used in the United States law enforcement community prior to the Second World War. The use of ten codes is highly discouraged in amateur Ham radio use, especially among seasoned professionals. The contents of these webpages are © RadioLabs However, the proliferation of different meanings has rendered it somewhat useless. Introduction A police scanner is a radio receiver able to tune or scan frequencies. , which is simply used to signify acknowledgment. unsubscribe. One driver appears to be drunk (Signal 2). 10 codes are the most standardized class of police codes and, in turn, the most easily recognizable. Officer pulled up behind me with no lights in use. Note that APCO now … The ceremony is typically conducted by the dispatcher issuing one last call to the officer, followed by a moment of silence.10-43 = Information10-44 = Permission to leave10-45 = Fueling squad car / vehicle10-46 = Provide motorist assistance10-47 = Emergency road repair needed at10-48 = Traffic standard repair needed at10-49 = En route to an assignment10-50 = Accident10-51 = Tow truck needed10-52 = Ambulance needed10-53 = Road blocked at (name of location)10-54 = Animals on the highway10-55 = Security check (also used for an intoxicated driver)10-56 = Intoxicated pedestrian10-57 = Hit-and-run accident10-58 = Direct traffic10-59 = Escort10-60 = Squad in the vicinity, lock-out10-61 = Personnel in area10-62 = Reply to message10-63 = Clear to copy info?10-64 = Message for delivery10-65 = Net message assignment10-66 = Net message cancellation10-67 = Person calling for help10-68 = Dispatch message10-69 = Confirms message received10-70 = Prowler, fire alarm10-71 = Gun involved, advise nature of fire10-72 = Shooting, fire progress report10-73 = Smoke reported10-74 = Negative, no10-75 = In contact with (name)10-76 = Officer is en route / on the way10-77 = Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), amount of time until10-78 = Need assistance10-79 = bomb threat10-80 = bomb has exploded10-81 = breathalyzer report10-82 = reserve lodging10-83 = work school crossing at (location)10-84 = if meeting _, please advise ETA10-85 = delay due to (reason)10-86 = officer on-duty10-87 = pickup10-88 = Please lookup the present phone number of (person)10-89 = bomb threat10-90 = bank alarm going off at (location)10-91 = picking up a prisoner10-92 = improperly parked vehicle10-93 = blockage10-94 = drag racing10-95 = prisoner/subject is in custody10-96 = Psych patient, a person exhibiting crazy or psychotic behavior10-97 = Check signal (1097 also means “On Scene” in California and other areas)10-98 = Prison break or jailbreak10-99 = Wanted/stolen record10-100 = Dead body found10-101 = What is your status?10-106 = Secure10-200 = Alarm10-999 = Officer down / officer needs help immediately. At first, law enforcement ten signals were intended to be a concise, standardized system to help officers and officials talk on the radio. Police 10/11 and Penal Codes The following is a list of police, fire and emergency codes listed in numerical order. TRANSLATION: The officer has happened upon a traffic accident at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Burrows. Police Scanner 10 Codes. However, they are sometimes used by novice operators. Maybe a well being check? The officer probably didn’t understand the last message and to please repeat (10-9) the last transmission/message. Ten-codes, also known as 10-codes or ten signals, are code words … It was a california University officer. Most often refers to drug use such as meth or ecstasy. It may be a special code used by a particular department that provides additional information on the purpose of the request. The meaning of a particular code or signal can vary between one police jurisdiction and another. Hobo Codes – The meaning of those mysterious hobo codes. Also, view a list of resources related to law enforcement agencies, associations and more. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. The most obvious example is. For example, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) uses “eleven-codes“, and the Port Authority Police use “eight codes”. Agency-specific list of police radio codes. Phonetic Alphabet - ALPHA through ZULU Phonetic Alphabet. RadioLabs.com are copyright. 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Usage varies between departments, states, and agencies. amzn_assoc_asins = "B00772MR0K"; This lack of uniformity in the whole nation led the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to not recommend the use of the codes on the radio in 2005. Homeland Security. What is a Police Report? Since that time, he has become an expert at how to find information online and has written over 1000 articles on topics related to the investigation industry. Also, they only use a handful of them normally. List of Police Radio Signal Codes Agency specific list of police radio codes. I don’t know where you got that information, but I do believe it is in error. The codes are numbers that correspond to words, phrases, and messages that are frequently used in law enforcement work. It is often used in radio communication. It’s important to note that the codes used on police radio are not universal. We use Q-codes all the time, especially in Morse code transmissions, but they also drifted into voice communications long before I even became a ham. fire and emergency codes listed in numerical order. What code is used when an officer asks for all law enforcement help, local, state and Federal law? The words and numbers that made it to your scanner radio (or your smartphone, if you have any of these top police scanner apps) are collectively called police scanner codes. It depends on the context in which it is being used, and on the department that is using it. This is especially problematic when responding to large-scale emergencies involving numerous agencies. Let us know if you see incorrect information. That particular code does not sound familiar and we weren’t able to find anything on it. Can you let me know? call 63 officer needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help off needs help 64 soliciting ordnc violatn soliciting refuse to lv panhandling prop found 65 psh or pba hold up alarm disturbance neighbor disp pba or pha soliciting 66 peeping tom n/a peeping tom child abuse For this reason, many agencies have adopted plain talk radio communication. 10-1 = Poor reception10-2 = Good reception10-3 = Stop transmitting10-4 = Message received, affirmative, OK10-5 = Relay this information to (name of a person, officer, etc. These were established in an attempt to have a new and unique set of signals. Even if you’re green in the scannerverse, you probably already use police codes in jest. 999 is there on the list it’s the last before police scanner, Where i live its 10-13 called 3 times for officer down or in distress, I heard be sure to clear this call and 10-19 on the 313. Local police use this very frequently. The codes are meant to help and address a myriad of emergencies, such as fire situations, burglaries, road accidents, medical accidents, and bomb threats. You can learn what the law enforcement codes are for by referring to the list we have below. In Colorado an acronym police use is ATL for Attempt To Locate. I totally agree with you, “I don’t know where they got their information that ‘The use of the signals is highly discouraged in amateur radio use, especially among seasoned professionals.

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