We knew looted vehicles were making a comeback in Chapter Approved, but we didn’t quite know what their stats would be. It can mount a single 'boomgun' (like a battlecannon) or a scorcha (heavy flamer equivalent) and up to two big shootas or rokkit launchas. Are those rules even viable anymore? Close. save. Spotted on Imgur, Ork looted vehicle stats from Chapter Approved 2018 are looking to cover every battlefield role. In non-tournament games, I've found most people are happy to play against looted vehicles with these easy house rules: same points cost; BS 5+ with no wound profile degradation; gains the Ork "ramshackle" rule. 67% Upvoted. Until now! so all i can have any vehicle from any race and make it a looted vehicle and make it fallow the looted vehicle rules? Posted by 2 months ago. [snapback]232375[/snapback] If you want to use the list in any kind of official game such as a tournament then you are restricted to the list of vehicles to loot in the codex. hide . Ork Looted Vehicle Model Rules. Orks now get a generic 'looted wagon' which has the same armour values as a rhino, but is open topped. Worse shooting, but potentially more survivable as a trade off. 4 comments. I don't mean in strict play, I just play around for fun. 4. report. Keep in mind though that the Looted vehicles … Or, I make it excessively light and call it a warbuggy. Ork Looted Vehicle Model Rules. I either make a light vehicle and am forced to give it enough room to seem like it can carry twelve orks. The vehicle would still have it’s normal armour value, so a Lemas Russ would still be armour 14 front with a battle cannon and various heavy bolters! Or, I make a heavy vehicle and try to use the Looted Wagon rules from 4th-ed. Gotta question. IllumiNini. Subject: Ork Looted Vehicles. 40k Discussion. Can ork looted vehicles, The Kart, Wagon and battlefortress and the kitbashes, like the looted monolith for such models, be used in competitive play? My thinking was that these rules would allow Orks to be able to take looted Leman Russ, Land Raiders, Whirlwinds, Basalisks… well anything (obviously..) The +1 to the damage table I thought was suitable as the insides will be pretty mashed up. share. Crushing Black Templar Crusader Pilot Australia Hey guys, I was thinking the other week while playing against my mate and his Orks about looted vehicles and how some of the rules (not necessarily current) relating to them were a bit odd. 40k Discussion.

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