I'm still learning my way around the update and can't find a way to sell those items either. You can also use them to expand your NeoStorage and NeoBank capacity. For CoM, I often build, upgrade, then bulldoze Omega RZ's. When the items are ready, tap on the boxes to collect them. You can produce OMEGA items in the OMEGA Research Center or purchase them from the NeoMall. This is an interesting addition to the game but its going to ground players in a hurry since there are at least 10 different items and only 15 storage spaces to begin with and obtaining the right combination will be difficult or impossible once the wrong items have been obtained. There are ten different OMEGA items. The maximum capacity of the city storage is 600. ", The Fort Tarsis Lounge - Creators' Corner. As soon as you unlock the NeoMall, we’ll give you a starting stash of NeoSimoleons for a shopping spree. That is considering if you don't mind levelling up. ControlNet: Keep your OMEGA home functioning at its best by building a ControlNet. Tap an OMEGA Lab and pay the fee to craft Omega materials. I'm at capacity, but haven't seen a bubble offering to buy item all day. June 2016 Press J to jump to the feed. You can also build new residential Omega buildings and spend the Omega items on that. Buying the city storage building, unlocked at level 4, increases the capacity to 40. They have more residents than normal buildings and will help send your population sky high. But you do have to set a timer, or suffer having to dump items to get back under. Can earn coins and just use 1 omega item, one that you don't want to save. Any items purchased this way go directly into storage, regardless if full. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If you need more room, tap Increase Capacity to see what you need. Check out our OMEGA item storage Tips & Tricks video. Solved: Everybody knows that max size of storage is 500. Find OMEGA Storage in the Government - Services menu. Same issue. Find them in the Drones Services menu. You need two buildings to produce OMEGA items—the OMEGA Lab and the OMEGA Research Center. The randomness of the process takes out any element of gameplay- you roll the die and hope to get what you need, if you don't your storage fills up and you're stuffed. My storage for omega items is full and i don't know what to do cause i can't increase the space or sell the items, and I need to get more items to upgrade my omega zones.. anyone know what i can do? Instead of waiting until it is possible to sell Omega items, you can also ask the architect to design a new building. From there on, mayors will need to use Storage lock, bars, and camera to increase the city storage by intervals of5 all the way to the maximum. Check out our NeoMall Tips & Tricks video, Check out our OMEGA items Tips & Tricks video, Check out our OMEGA item storage Tips & Tricks video. As with other upgrades in SimCity BuildIt, you must collect an increasing number of items to upgrade these facilities. Tap the job and then tap the Refresh icon to request new plans. How do we sell or get rid of items in the Omega storage if we don't need them? Instead of waiting until it is possible to sell Omega items, you can also ask the architect to design a new building.

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