You must apply for a passport card or book in person. You must provide the Motor Vehicle Commission with your Social Security number. If it is, come into a Licensing Center with all required documents before it expires. However, the card can only be used to travel to certain locations. 4 Point If your name has changed from the one on any of your qualifying documents due to marriage or divorce, bring proof of the legal name change as well. Therefore, by reviewing US passport fees, you can ensure that you include the appropriate amount in your application. State Motor Vehicle Commission officials said they will allow driver s to walk-in to agencies to get Real ID licenses, if it is the right time of the month and they meet other conditions. Current NJ digital boat license; Foreign passport with immigration or customs verification; Refugee travel document. If you already have a passport, it is important to understand renewal and replacement requirements. It's additional. When you are ready to mail your application, send it to the National Passport Processing Center located in Philadelphia, PA. As a form of identification, it is vital that you protect you passport document from damage, theft or loss. Skip the line and get your birth certificate and other vital records through VitalChek. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies. However, if a passport replacement is needed, it is important to learn more about lost, stolen and damaged passports in the appropriate section below. Four-point documents include: The New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles no longer accepts Puerto Rican birth certificates that were issued before July 1, 2010. Additionally, your state may provide additional locations where you can apply, such as with a county recorder office or county circuit court location. There are over 200 passport acceptance facilities available in New Jersey. and a $35 execution fee that may be paid in cash, credit card or check payable to the Ocean County Clerk. Privacy Policy. You are not required to get a REAL ID, however, starting October 1, 2021, if you typically use your driver license or non-driver ID (instead of a passport or other form of ID) to fly within the U.S. you probably want a REAL ID. Same Day Passport … Most passport cards and books can be renewed. It is important to note that passport replacement and renewal involve additional steps. Furthermore, a passport is required of individuals of any age who wish to travel internationally. US passport, current or expired less than 3 years, or current US passport card: Current NJ digital driver license: Current NJ digital non-driver ID card: Current NJ digital boat license: Valid active duty US military photo ID card: US adoption papers: Certificate of naturalization (Form N … by checking the appropriate box to the left. You can find more information on this option in a later section. Generally, routine replacements will take between four to six weeks while expedited services are generally two to three weeks. We can send your passport book via a 1-2 day delivery service. Once a report has been made, your current passport will become invalid and cannot be used for international travel. To save time at your appointment, you have the option of completing an application online, printing your completed form and bringing it with you to your appointment. Meanwhile, the card is only accepted to travel across the US border by sea or land. For information on how to obtain and apply for the Non- Driver Photo ID Card: or visit a Ocean County MVC Agency at one of the following locations. If your license is a Commercial Driver License (CDL), or if your visa is expiring, you will need to visit a Licensing Center in person.

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