Two Banana plugs connected by flexible plasticinsulated copper wire of 14/36". Can anyone recommend good quality banana plugs? All plugs are made of pure copper and are gold-plated. The pics are … Find great deals on eBay for nakamichi banana plug. The nakamichi 0534B banana plug, or the "closed type" monoprice one. This review is for the Nakamichi banaplugs widely available on eBay for around $1 each. International HDDVD Screenshot Archive (Full 1080p Images): gooki is offline The plugs arrived to me well wrapped in in bubblewrap after a 2 week journey from China. All I can say is the 50 nakamichi banana plugs I ordered arrived and work well. Let’s find out more: I bought some Nakamichi banana plugs from eBay that were supposed to be gold plated pure copper but it turns out aside from being iron instead of copper they are also fake. Shop with confidence. The nakamichi allows for insertion of the speaker wire and basically "screwing it tight" and the monoprice allows for the spreading out of the wire and letting you tighten over this, thus maximizing surface area. Opening the bag all plugs were in tact, showing a nice gold colour and solid constructions. The website and contact details also a factor. The leads areprovided with different lengths of flexible wire.a) Leads with flexible wire of 10cm in length : 43b) Leads with flexible wire of 25cm in length : 47c) Leads with flexible wire of 50cm in length : 56d) Leads with flexible wire of 100 cm in length : 62 24K Gold Nakamichi Speaker Banana Plug Audio Jack Connector. 1. Amazon’s Choice and users’ choice alike, this one is a set of 20 pieces (10 black and 10 red). They are also non-magnetic. I use Nakamichi one, excellent quality, got them here 20 x Nakamichi Speaker banana plug ***UK SELLER*** 24k Gold plated connector | eBay . Personally i think its the genuine vs fake argument that sells it for me. DodgeTheViper Moderator. User #60576 17736 posts. Thanks.

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