Lie. But how to know when to stop? Consider writing a letter from your heart to your parents about how they have made you feel. Now I have a young son, and we're sending him to a private school precisely because it does not have homework. God promises, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). In this case, parents treat their child like an … Posted Jan 12, 2016 Or else I won’t be cherishing the life they gave me. Your answers ran the gamut. Here are a few cases in which using force with kids could be an ineffective approach. Reply. 1.) I respect their views, but if I feel that what they want me to do isn't right for me, I would politely explain my perspective and try to understand theirs. A mother of four regrets pushing her older two children — but found her footing with the youngest two. When demands for achievement interfere with the parent-child relationship, that bolt you are trying to twist is about to snap. The schools and teachers didn't have that many resources and my parents never had dreams for us of further education beyond high school. My mom and dad are divorced (my dad lives in a different state) and they only thing they … Several years later, when my next oldest – his sister — was actually failing fifth grade, I lost it. They were so angry with me when I didn't make honor roll. Sure I push my kids. Talk about how their unrealistic expectations cause you to feel lots of pressure and tension. So I became an engineer and I loathed it. "Follow my instructions but blame yourself if you fail." According to experts, forcing kids can be very ineffective and may eventually backfire. Both of my grandparents were very "education first" types. As a young child I loved reading and learning, and by the third grade I was placed in accelerated classes. After the military, at a Texan university, I consumed knowledge as I'd never done before. Done!" Parents who are control freaks tend to want “everything in its proper place.” … I excelled in school nonetheless because I genuinely enjoyed learning. They are overreacting to your grades and have, unfortunately, made you feel horrible through their anger and insistence that you must try harder. I did fine academically but struggled in other ways. My husband and I grew up in India. I know they do! Question: My parents are forcing me to attend school in my country when I know it’s not going to work out for me. It makes me so frustrated because although technically its their property its a complete betrayal of MY privacy. My mom and dad are divorced (my dad lives in a different state) and they only thing they can agree on is how I need to try harder! "He'll never succeed if he doesn't..." "He'll never hold a job if he can't..." We suddenly realized that we were talking about future outcomes with no idea of the milestones between here and there. But I stumbled when I hit high school because I didn't know how to study. I SO CANT STAND PARTIES! I was smart and tested well, so I made good grades all throughout elementary and junior high. My grandfather had never graduated high school, but he could do addition, subtraction and multiplication in his head faster than I could with a calculator. This is the first time that their bright daughter was not an honor roll student. We cannot predict her future outcome, and it taught us so much about trying to predict the future for our other children. But that's not who you are -- you want to challenge yourself and not take the easy way out. Do chores have to be a fight? They did not have to. The happy ending: All my children went to college and are well-adjusted, happy adults. My parents were too busy with the younger three. I mean there's Alto more things to do than just dance, drink and go crazy! My parents still forced me to go to church as long as I lived under their roof, and it got to a point where they sent me to church counseling for 6 months after renouncing my faith.

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