They also have a good supply of manuals to help you repair your machines. Then the next area to check would be the wires inside the machine. It is a Kenmore 8. All of these parts should be accounted for and can now be cleaned for reassembly. Tighten the cup set screw. my tension knob is missing. Remove the slotted nut that rests against the beehive spring. To learn all about fixing your Kenmore sewing machine just continue reading our article. Tension assemblies scare me. I FIXED IT! They will have a tension assembly, I bet. It is from a Kenmore model 158.19412 and it is common to many Kenmores. I'm pretty sure this will be the remedy, and if not I'll buy another assembly. If you find that you’re constantly battling your tension knob, then it’s time to get a new upper tension unit. Install the thread guide plate. I'm still scared after seeing this, but reassured SOMEONE can do it. If you are not a mechanic or good with your hands, you should avoid taking apart your Kenmore sewing machine. The truth is, in order to become sewing machine masters, we need many years of practice. The next step should help you. Taking apart is a couple of words that may lead to some confusion. I landed an apprenticeship at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in welding. Maybe me some day. Thank you for this picture by picture blog, I was looking all over the internet for the reassembly steps, I took apart the knob out of frustration. Using a sewing machine entails knowing how to the tension knob properly. If so, tighten them up and try again. Instead of taking every part off of the assembly just focus on the ones that need repairing. Textolite (Fiber… not metal) In a “Vintage All Metal Machine”. They also have a good supply of manuals to help you repair your machines. YOU are WOMAN! Will this work for tension on a white 166? While there are many that have information on line, and what I have to say more than likely has already been said, I wanted to contribute to that conversation and learning gleaned from my experience and research. Some are built into the machine, some are digital, and some are standalone units like this Singer one. It is a spring, and it will stretch, but if you stretch it too far, it will deform… we don’t want that. See, these tension assemblies are very complicated and they have lots of little, finicky parts. Wow. Sounds like you figured it out. The tension created at the spool pin should be negligible compared to the tension created between the tension discs. I promised a reader that I would post a tutorial about the Kenmore 158 tension assembly. The hole is not round, it is more of an oblong with straight sides. Can the piece still be used this way? Here you cut the thread between the point of the needle and the material you are sewing. It has been a work horse. The remaining reassembly will refer to the following picture. The needles hit the metal plate below the fabric and crack off. Thank you so much for the pictured layout sequence. Restored Vintage Fine Quality Sewing Machines, Vintage Sewing Machine Restorations – Discussions, Topics, and Tips. Raise the spring so it rests on the ledge cut into the cup. Loosely start the threaded nut with the crown side facing the spring. If you are replacing one tension assembly with a new one, I would start with the easiest thing. I took it apart, but it was all out of sorts. But when I pull on the thread at the needle the spring is lifted off the stop all the way up to the hook on the tensioner before the thread is pulled from the spool. Please confirm that the spring is operating smoothly with the tensioner open and closed. The first place to look is your stitch length. The tension knob is located near the front of the sewing machine. The larger the number, the tighter the tension. It should look like this. WHEW I marked the set screw scar so that I could re- align it. I need to know how to put the tension assembly back on my Kenmore sewing machine model 158.17600. These are primarily what we’re going to be talking about today. I've had many apart, and every time, I screw them up and have to put them back together 15 different ways before I get them right! The next washer has an orientation that must be installed correctly. There should be a screw-on top of the contact points to make that adjustment. Some former owner may have lost it because it’s been apart a few times. You see these very commonly on older machines. It should be relatively simple as there are only 5 pieces, but I can't figure it out. Focusing there, I discovered the/a plastic washer under the spool was not hard, slick, low friction nylon but soft, tacky urethane… My issue was greatly improved after removing the washer and setting the spool directly against the top cover. When it comes to making repairs on your sewing machine can be a challenging project. Some Tips for Consideration, Cleaning a Vintage 1937 Singer Model 15-30, Vintage 1950 Singer 201-2 Partial Restoration, Buying a Vintage Sewing Machine? With the machine unthreaded, the take up spring should spring back smoothly and not bind before resting on the take up spring stop. If the problem is caused by something dragging somewhere in the thread path, it is between the spring and the needle. Look at the picture closely, the spring has a hook on the coil end. Turn it only to engage the first thread (just to the point it wont fall off). The spring should have a little bit of resistance and should recover smoothly to its resting position. A good internet search should help you find the manual that you need to troubleshoot your Kenmore sewing machine. It can be put on upside down. That means if the thread is not winding correctly it may stop the bobbin from spinning. How to trouble shoot a old Kenmore sewing machine - YouTube Hallelujah! You turn the knob to the left and the tension discs come apart. I don't think that replacing it with metal would be an option. Did it myself following your instructions! You will know when it engages when the dial face fits flush with the knob. They scare me too. This sewing how-to video demonstrates how to properly adjust the tension knob on a vintage Kenmore sewing machine. If they are loose or not connected then tighten them up or reconnect the wires. If you have any idea, thank you! If the whole assembly turns it is not seated properly and will not give you good stitches. Make sure the large slot in the post lines up horizontally with this mark. ft. Top-Load Washer - White, Kenmore 32600 16" Oscillating Stand Fan - White, Kenmore 4-Burner LP Stainless Steel Gas Grill, Kenmore EB38084 Oscillating Ceramic Heater. If it is misaligned, needs repositioning, missing, or broken, you should replace the spring. Any ideas? Pretty much anything I could put my mind and my hands into. The feed dogs do not normally work when they are not securely in place. View more posts. That’s it! The first thing to do is to clean the area and your sewing machine. Slide the post and the spring in the cup. This device needs to be installed right and pushed into the correct position before the bobbin thread will catch. We use them in classes and donate them to people that have found quilting but do not own a machine. My sister took the tension apart and I can't seem to get it back together right. The tension assembly was nonworking and it had a sticky reverse button. I tried to post a picture to accompany the post but was not able to do so. Anyway, thanks so much again. Note the tab on the backup plate. Buying the entire assembly unit is only a few dollars more than each individual part. There is no way to know the complete history of a vintage sewing machine unless it has been in your family since it was new. If the spring has no resistance or doesn’t recover, then it needs to be replaced. Along the way, we were blessed with 3 beautiful children., what is the size of my kenmore refridgerator? But if your bobbin case is loose all you may need to do is tighten it up. This loosens the tension. Wow! You’ve saved me twice now! Gently lift and turn your spring so that this little bar fits into the next groove. The good thing about sewing machines is that many repairs you can do yourself. do i really need that to sew. Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home job prospects to the next level? Thank you. Then another place to try would be the bobbing winding spindle. Kenmore sewing machines were generally very good machines. Good luck with your Kenmore and let me know if I can be of any assistance! The good thing about sewing machines is that many of the repairs can be done by you. After a good cleaning, try your machine again. I am very grateful. I teach classes at a Grandma's Attic Quilt Shop in Dallas Oregon and track down old machines to fix. No wonder the assembly was so sloppy. Today we’re going to talk about the important parts that work together to control your tension. You can buy just the springs or just the tension discs, but we’ve found that replacing individual parts, 9 times out of 10, actually makes the situation worse. Stretch the loop end of the spring over the end of the post. Then re-lubricate the machine and see if that gets the function to work as it should. The same if the power cord is frayed. Remember, only stretch the spring enough to slide these parts over the end of the post. Picked up an old sewing machine and the tension adjuster was totally wrong. When replacing the tension assembly on the machine you will need the ring that goes between the tension assembly and the machine. As long as the presser foot is up, the thread can seat properly. It has a dial numbered from 1 to 9. The first thing to do is take the whole kitnkaboodle out of the machine. If it is locked, then disengage it. I will post a link to this page in the Necchi forums so others can also benefit from your excellent post. Your local sewing machine doctor could have ordered a brandy new tension assy (assembly) from his supplier if he had cared. It has a dial numbered from 1 to 9. I bought it for a friend and the tension dial was messed up. The tension assembly has a lot of pieces and it is not unusual to get them mixed up… that’s why I use pictures to show the layout! – Well Lets Give It a Try…, What Lurks Inside – After Complete Reconditioning of a Vintage Sewing Machine, Servicing and Cleaning a Vintage All-Metal Kenmore Model 158.16011, Cleaning and Servicing a Vintage Kenmore Model 158.1755 All-Metal Sewing Machine, Restoring a Vintage 1952 Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine, How to Clean and Restore a Vintage Singer 15K-110 Sewing Machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning – A Gift from Heaven for a Guy Like Me, Sewing with a NECCHI BU Mira – First impressions.

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