30 Biology IA topic ideas to get your lab report started! The IA project is is broken into discrete "chunks" so that students are not overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project and so that there is ample time for asking questions, getting feedback and completing the experiments. 13, Comparative study between 5 different species of animals using BLAST analysis to determine evolutionary history. Luckily, there’s so many great topics to choose from, and we’ve asked some of our top team to note down some topics that might inspire your own incredible research! External assessments are the exams that you can choose to take in May. Fear not, we have elite Biology tutors that can assist you through the process…. Below, are several exemplar IA's to help you with writing your own. All rights reserved. Your research question should not be too broad nor too narrow. There are two types of IB assessment: Internal and External. It is a graded assignment for the class and is incorporated into your IB score for the course. 21, The effect of temperature / light on fruit ripening, 22, Exploring stomatal density in a variety of conditions, 23, Testing the effectiveness of toothpaste types, 24, Investigating the effect of smoke water on the germination and growth of E.pilularis, 25, Exploring the effect of sunlight on biomass, 26, Exploring effect of light levels on the predation of the peppered moth, 27, Investigating the effect of different light intensities on water weeds. Can temperature, humidity, or exposure to sunlight affect how quickly vegetables decay? [Group 4] 12 BIOLOGY IA EXAMPLES** + help me w/ my research question plsplsplspls Group 4 I spent half this damn summer scanning thru the interwebs for all kinds of biology related EE and IAs, so stick around for some pretty amazing examples that I put together, but I also have a few questions … The internal assessment, worth 20% of the final assessment, consists of one scientific investigation. The internal assessment is NOT optional. 20, Testing the effectiveness of different types of toothpaste in inhibiting the growth of different types of bacteria. This investigation covers assessment objectives 1, 2, 3 and 4. 15, Analysing the impact of river pollution on marine life. 18, What is the effect of isotonic drinks on rehydration and recovery after exercise? For the this class, you will be required to come up with their own research question and design an experiment attempting to answer the question. Internal Assessments are completed during the semester(s) you take the class. IA Overview The internal assessment requirements are the same for biology, chemistry and physics. Subscribe here for weekly IB tips and tricks! 8, How do the buffering actions of milk, yogurt, juices, detergents etc. Want to know more about how to ace your lab report? Describe how the primary productivity of algae changes with temperature, algae concentration, … NOTE: These topics are purely meant as inspiration and are not to be chosen blindly. Are you struggling with choosing your topic for your IB Biology IA? Finding a topic is one of the, if not THE, most important part of writing your IA so we want to make sure that you get it right! This is useful due to the genetic variance amongst biological organisms which allows for large discrepancies between results anyways. ESS Topic 1.1: Environmental Value Systems, ESS Topic 2.2: Communities and Ecosystems, ESS Topic 2.3: Flows of Energy and Matter, ESS Topic 2.4: Biomes, Zonation and Succession, ESS Topic 3: Biodiversity and Conservation, ESS Topic 3.1: Introduction to Biodiversity, ESS Topic 3.4: Conservation of Biodiversity, ESS Topic 4: Water and Aquatic Food Production Systems and Society, ESS Topic 4.1: Introduction to Water Systems, ESS Topic 4.3: Aquatic Food Production Systems, ESS Topic 5:Soil Systems and Terrestrial Food Production Systems and Society, ESS Topic 5.1: Introduction to Soil Systems, ESS Topic 5.2: Terrestrial Food Production Systems and Food Choices, ESS Topic 5.3: Soil Degradation and Conservation, ESS Topic 6: Atmospheric Systems and Society, ESS Topic 6.1: Introduction to the Atmosphere, ESS Topic 7: Climate Change and Energy Production, ESS Topic 7.1: Energy Source and Security, ESS Topic 7.2: Climate change – Causes and Impacts, ESS Topic 7.3: Climate change – Mitigation and Adaptation, ESS Topic 8: Human System and Resource Use, ESS Topic 8.1: Human Populations Dynamics, ESS Topic 8.4 Human Population Carrying Capacity, Topic 2.7: DNA Replication, Transcription and Translation, Topic 3.5: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Topic 5.3: Classification of Biodiversity, Topic 6.3: Defense Against Infectious Disease, Topic 6.6: Hormones, Homeostasis and Reproduction, Topic 7.2 Transcription and Gene Expression, Topic 8: Metabolism, Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis, Topic 9.1 Transport in the Xylem of Plants, Topic 9.2 Transport in the Phloem of Plants, Topic 11.1 Antibody Production and Vaccination, Topic 11.3: The Kidney and Osmoregulation. 1, Look at the genetic similarities and differences between species, kingdoms, phylas, classes, genuses, orders, families, and domains. Research Question Ideas This is a list of possible topics that I have compiled from online resources and my experiences that are roughly outlined by the topic covered in the IB Biology HL curriculum. Check out some Physics IA ideas here! Still feeling a bit uneasy about the task ahead? compare? Conduct your own research into global warming processes! It prohibits the use of any material on this site for commercial  purposes of any kind. 10, Can we slow down the decaying times of vegetables? IB Biology internal assessment requirements, IB Internal Assessment 6 Part Deadline Guide, http://www.sciencecourseware.org/biologylabsonline, Part I Virtual Lab - The Origin of Living Things, Part II Virtual Lab - Biology of the Cell, Part IV Virtual Lab - Reproduction and Heredity, Part VII Virtual Lab - Ecology and Behavior, Part VIII Virtual Lab - The Global Environment, Part IX Virtual Lab - Viruses and Simple Organisms, Part X Virtual Lab - Plant Form and Function, Part XI Virtual Lab - Plant Growth and Reproduction, Part XIII Virtual Lab - Animal Form and Function, Part XIV Virtual Lab - Regulating the Animal Body, Mean arterial pressure calculator online -, Science lab Chemical data sheets MSDS (Materials Safety data sheets), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Perhaps thinking about why this is important would be a useful way of ensuring you have the “personal engagement” IB requires. 6, How does sudden change in body position affect heart rate and baroreceptor feedback? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 2, Testing global warming: How does CO2, water vapour, oxygen, or any other variable affect  temperature inside a cutoff bottle exposed to simulated sunlight? 12, What happens after the best-by date of dairy products? The individual investigation should cover a topic that is commensurate with the level of the course of study. 28, How do different antibiotics interact with the process of seed germination? Click the image for our. 29, Determining the effect of time on the plasmolysis of potatoes, 30, Exploring mollusc shapes with regards to an external variable e.g. 9, Do our reaction times slow down with age? 16, Determine the effect of glucose concentration on the rate of osmosis. 19, What is the difference in the CO2 levels exhaled before and after enduring physical exercise? Even though many of these topics led to high scores for some of our graduates in the past, it is important that you listen to the advice of your subject teacher before choosing any topic! 1300 words is not a lot, so a specific, debatable question is a good idea. Need inspo for Physics too? 14, What is the respective change of allele frequency when initial frequencies are manipulated? How to Structure and Format your TOK Essay. None of them are perfect so make sure you look at the moderators comments to see where points were deducted and why. Select an IA topic that is novel and interesting to a Biology teacher. For the this class, you will be required to come up with their own research question and design an experiment attempting to answer the question. The internal assessment is NOT optional. location on shore, So there we have it! 7, How do the respiration rates of baker’s yeast and wine yeast in various sugar solutions compare? Copyright 2020 Lanterna Education ltd, not affiliated with the IBO. It is a graded assignment for the class and is incorporated into your IB score for the course. It should be able to be treated within the 2200 word limit overall, and particularly within the 1300 suggested word limit for Section 2, the actual essay part of your IA. These examples are from the IBO website. 11, What is the effect of the salt concentration on germination of different types of seeds? 3, Describe how the primary productivity of algae changes with temperature, algae concentration, other aquatic plants, salinity, nutrients, and any other variables you may want to consider. 5, Effect of BMI on skin surface temperature in various body areas on rate of recovery once exposed to cold.

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