Difficult projects, a poor economy, understaffing, or other problems outside of your control can make work seem unbearable at times. Too many people spend too much time in jobs or work environments they dislike or even actively hate. I know people who pursued a profession simply because it pays well, or their parents pushed them down that path since they were young. But this isn’t always the case. But far more serious is if you truly detest your job with a passion. But, sometimes you keep quitting job after job after job. Offer to provide assistance during the transition and leave the company behind with no hard feelings. Do you hate your boss? Changing the way you feel about your job is probably the hardest thing to do on this list, but it’s important. Research conducted by CEB found that this job-hunting activity jumps by 6–9% on the anniversary of your hire or promotion. Too many people spend too much time in jobs or work environments they dislike or even actively hate. Why Actually Starting a Business Taught me More about Business than Business School. Annoyed by your office environment or culture? Yours needs to stand out. Of course it's hard. Top 15 Management Skills Successful Managers Have, 25 Important Investment Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read, The Top Ten Reasons People Hate Their Jobs, 4 Ways Introverts Nail Job Interviews Without Pretending To Be Extroverted, How to Find a Mentor That Helps Fast-Track Your Career Success, Revealed: Things That Part-Time Workers Should Know to Protect Their Rights, 5 Tips That Help Me Nail Every Interview – From Someone Who Always Failed in Interviews Before, 20 Inspiring Vision Statement Examples (2020 Updated), How to Write a Personal Mission Statement to Ensure Peak Productivity, 4 Questions to Get a Great Mission Statement, The 10 companies millennials most want to work for all have one crucial thing in common, How To Find Disruptive, Wealth-Creating Companies, How to Start a Startup Fast: 5 Essential Steps, 10 Simple Yet Powerful Business Goals to Set This Year, 30 Best Business Books for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Make an Impact. Whichever study you choose to use, the evidence is clear. There are numerous ways to make money that don’t take a lot of time. Think about what you want to say before setting up the meeting. If you don’t create a plan, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of everyone else. Again, at least you know. This takes courage, but sometimes you’ll find that bosses are receptive. However, it might make it easier to put up with or feel better about it if you know you have a plan to move away. So, let’s look at some ways you can find another job. QUIZ: Can you name all 50 states of the United States of America in 10 minutes? 14. Why do people leave? Other factors that can cause career dissatisfaction include: I hate my job: your options for changing that, Continue to hate your job and regret not finding a new one, Discover what lights you up and go for it, I hate my job because of my pay and/or benefits, I hate my job because of the lack of opportunities, Ask for more or different responsibilities, Clean your desk every morning before work and before you go home, 6 Terrible reasons to stay at a job you hate, How to quit your job respectfully (and the right way), Reach out to companies you want to work for, 10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelance Designer in 2020, How to Get Paid As a Freelancer in 2020 (Apps & Advice That Work), 30 Gift Ideas Creative People Will Love (2020 Guide), 16 Freelancer Invoicing Apps to Help You Get Paid Fast, 8 Top Freelance Job Sites (Ranked & Graded by Freelancers), 29 Absolute Best Graphic Design Blogs to Inspire You in 2020, How to Write a Price Increase Letter to Get Paid More (Free Template), 11 Sites like Upwork for freelancers who need clients fast, 19 Remote Writing Jobs Sites that Post New Jobs Daily for Freelance Writers, 11 Client Gifts to Wow Your Clients (and Get Repeat Business), 10 Sites like Fiverr to Make More Money as a Freelancer, Freshbooks vs Quickbooks: Before you choose, read this 2020 comparison. What initially attracted you to your job? You can enter keywords into a search box describing the kinds of jobs you want.

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