If the child answers "Yes. Plot: A small village's history speaks of the spirit of a woman with a horrendously disfigured face that haunted, stalked and terrorized them thirty years ago. But She will never go away unless people stop talking about her. ", she will take off her surgical mask, revealing her Glasgow smile and ask, "How about now?". Slashed in the face with a sword by her husband after cheating on him. She was cheating on her husband and he caught her. Kuchisake-onna 2: The Scissors Massacre is still a hit for me - maybe even ranking higher than its parent story. The most popular way to survive Kuchisake Onna is when she asks you "How about now?" Opinion: Horror sequels. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 35 seconds. Kuchisake Onna - page 21. The acting choice was all wonderful, the CGI and special effects were really good for the time this film was made, and I think this look into The Slit-Mouthed Woman was one that was effective, well thought out, and something that truly honoured the legend as a whole. If they respond with “yes”, she will slice the corners of their mouth from ear to ear, resembling her own disfigurement. Public opinion on this film series seem very split across the Internet where you go. This gives the victim enough time to run. After her death, the woman returned as a vengeful spirit, or onryō. The Columbine Killers made DOOM Levels based on their School, https://urbanlegends.fandom.com/wiki/Kuchisake_Onna?oldid=3199. Overall, if you want to settle down for a night of Japanese horror that has your eyes widening, yelling don't do that!!! She also carries a sharp instrument with her, which has been described as a knife, a machete, a scythe, or a large pair of scissors. On IMDb, Kuchisake-onna ranks at a 5.5 out of 10 with The Scissors Massacre ranking a 5.9 out of 10 with 2,000 fewer votes to the film. A true little hidden gem of the Japanese horror genre and in urban legend horror itself, definitely grab a cup of tea and enjoy this series buried under your blanket. Oh my god the Kuchisake-onna costume is so brilliant and creepy! The Slit-Mouthed Woman urban legend has appeared prominently in two Japanese films: Carved (2007) and it's prequel Carved 2: The Scissors Massacre. Original to a degree, some awesome action and that nostalgia of the 2000s-2010s Japanese horror, this is a brilliantly tense film that really brings the legend of Kuchisake-onna to life. Overcome by her trauma, Mayumi sinks into a deep depression. Methods that can be used to survive an encounter with Kuchisake-onna include answering her question by describing her appearance as “average”, or by distracting her with money or hard candies. So she tried, but she got caught. In some versions of the legend, Kuchisake-onna will leave the potential victim alone if they answer “yes” to both of her questions, though in other versions, she will visit the individual’s residence later that night and murder them in their sleep. Today, I'm going to delve into the Kuchisake-onna two-part film franchise to determine whether it's worth your watch or if its something you should throw onto the ''Not Interested'' pile. Kuchisake-Onna later returned as a vengeful spirit wearing a surgical mask (which isn't uncommon in Japan, as many Japanese people wear surgical masks to prevent other people from being infected by their colds and sickness). If the victim throws sweets and candies at her, she would be distracted and try to eat them. If the individual responds with “no”, she will kill them with her weapon, and if they say “yes”, she will cut the corners of their mouth in such a way that resembles her own disfigurement. Whilst we have a similar format here, it's changed up enough to feel fresh, new to the genre and is a bit of (very welcome) fresh air when it comes to these films. The only sure way of escaping Kuchisake-Onna alive and unharmed is to give her an ambiguous answer such as "You are average" or "so-so" which will confuse her, allowing you to get away. However, children are going missing again, with reports of the Slit-Mouthed Woman appearing again in the small town. Kuchisake-onna Japanese Slit Mouthed Woman. Kuchisake-onna (口裂け女, “Slit-Mouthed Woman”) is a malevolent figure in Japanese urban legends and folklore. As revenge, her husband slit her mouth. She is said to ask potential victims if they think she is attractive, often phrased as “Watashi, kirei?” (which translates to “Am I pretty?” or “Am I beautiful?”). Urban Legend Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. and actually willing for the characters to survive - give the Kuchisake-onna series a try, For me, this series was a pleasant surprise, it was something that thrilled me, kept my interest across three hours and eight minutes, and had my heart racing as the action unfurled. She was very beautiful but also very vain, and she was discovered to have been cheating on her husband. I went into this expecting the worst, in all honesty, and came out of it very pleasantly surprised. Kuchisake-onna, for me, is a huge hit. An individual can survive an encounter with Kuchisake-onna by using one of several methods. The only thing I would have liked to see differently from this film is the special effects done slightly better - but it was 2007, and there isn't much that can be done with that. September 13, 2011 Children. It must adapt to the current culture. Running away from her will not work, as she will simply reappear in front of the victim. Kuchisake-Onna means “slit-mouthed woman” and she is a frightening Japanese urban legend that has appeared in many pop culture media. o-o Just throwing that out there. Depending on how the person answers, numerous things happen. Reports also indicate that children were dismissed from school in groups escorted by a teacher for safety, and police officers increased their patrols. He is the oldest of three and moved from the UK to the USA in 2001. KUCHISAKE-ONNA 2 -  THE SCISSORS MASSACRE (2008), After the first film of this franchise was so enjoyable for me, I was very hesitant to learn that. According to legend, Kuchisake-onna was a human woman who was mutilated during her life, with her mouth being slit from ear to ear. But for a story to last this long it must undergo some changes. This is a series that, for me, refreshed urban legend horror and gave it a new lease of life. Described as the malicious spirit, or onryō, of a woman, she partially covers her face with a mask or object, and carries some sort of sharp instrument. In some versions of the story, Kuchisake-onna was the adulterous wife or concubine of a samurai during her life. Yuki Sawada (Iwasa Mayuko) is happily engaged and soon to be married, Sachiko (Kawamura Yuki) works in a beauty salon, and youngest, Mayumi (Asuka Rin) is on the high school track team. Angered that she was potentially cheating on him being so close to another man, her husband used his katana to slit her mouth open, asking her who will find her pretty now. If they answer “no”, she will kill them with her weapon, and if they answer “yes”, she will reveal her mutilated mouth. The only way to potentially survive Kuchisake-onna upon meeting her is to say she looks average, or so-so; in some legend variants, you can distract her with money and/or hard candles. Other survival tactics include replying to Kuchisake-onna’s question by describing her appearance as “average”, giving the individual enough time to run away; distracting her by giving or throwing money or hard candies (particularly the kind of candy known as bekko ame) in her direction; or by saying the word “pomade” three times. That seems like a good idea considering how the story of Kuchisake Onna has evolved so much over time and can be very different even just depending on … As punishment for her infidelity, her husband sliced the corners of her mouth from ear to ear. Opinion: Kuchisake-onna is one of those films that was known throughout my high school as being a gory little number that our parents would freak out if they knew we watched. Taking all these into account, it seems that the public would mostly say that Kuchisake-onna is a miss, whilst most would say the sequel is better and is a hit - something of a rare occurrence when it comes to horror and its sequels.It's a possibility that The Scissors Massacre sat better with the public - and, partly, myself - as it's technically not part of the urban legend in any way - something that is marketed as an urban legend film that doesn't follow the path most of them take is very renewing, after all. She would always ask the little children "Am I pretty?" existed and that a sequel had been made. Soon after, she died, either from her injuries or suicide. She then repeats her question (or asks “Kore demo?”, which translates to “Even with this?” or “Even now?”) and if the individual responds with “no” or screams in fright, she will kill them with her weapon. Have they turned people away from hidden gems in the genre? 15 Films I Would Recommend In a Heartbeat (Part I). Kuchisake-onna is an onyrou, otherwise known as a malevolent spirit, in Japanese folklore. In some versions of the legend, Kuchisake-onna will leave the potential victim alone if they answer “yes” to both of her questions, though in other versions, she will visit the individual’s residence later that night and murder them in their sleep. This was a well-needed viewing to begin to love urban horror again and to provide other, newer movies with a chance. Maybe I'm a little biased due to Kuchisake-onna being one of my favourite original Japanese legends, but either way, I feel like this series deserves to be seen. Plot: Three sisters live their happy lives on a small chicken farm in the town of Gofu. to answer with "So-so". Folklorist Matthew Meyer claims that the legend spans from the Edo period in Japan, the 17th to the 19th Centuries, after studying the legend and its history. Then he cut her mouth and gave it a slit on both sides. I was considering going as either Sam or Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom. Even more so than David Bowie in Labrinyth. If the child sticks to their answer of "Yes", she will slit their mouth just like hers. If an individual responds with “no”, she will kill them with her weapon. A young woman who lived hundreds of years ago and was the wife or concubine of a samurai. This film is a definite re-watchable piece for me - something that's inherently rare for me, and I recommend giving this wonderful stand-alone slasher a try. Of course, Kuchisake-onna follows the basic plot of most urban legend horror films - it's no surprise that it continues the pattern as all the others do - however, it does have it's own original points. Their happy lives come to a crashing halt when Yuki's ex-boyfriend attacks Mayumi, mistaking her for Yuki, pouring acid over her face and traumatizing her for life.

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