Rate. He is assigned to House, but he is busy fulfilling a dare given to him by Cuddy. Elsewhere, Joey (David Coulier) briefly subs for Becky (Lisa Loughlin) on Danny's morning TV show, and DJ (Candace Cameron) embarks upon a most unusual school project. Rate. Meanwhile, Cameron encounters a homeless man (Geoffrey Lewis) with a critical condition and a very specific request from her. Episode List. John Larroquette submitted the episode "Son of Coma Guy" for consideration in the category of "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series" on his behalf for the 2007 Emmy Awards. While House and his team are doing the differential diagnosis for Adam, he notices that the blood-stained carpet in his office has been replaced. Rate. live girl, that Foreman brings. Foreman prepares for his last day at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Emma, who had miscarriages in the past and feels this is her last opportunity to have a child, is more concerned about her baby's well-being than her own. Tired of House's disdain for patients, Cuddy turns his clinic duty into a game, with the stakes raised to a level that speaks to House: challenge. Jeff Bridges; 5. Forgot your password? Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy 3. The third season of the American television drama series House of Cards was commissioned on February 4, 2014. 16-year-old Stevie Lipa (Jake Richardson)[38] is admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro with a serious respiratory condition and internal bleeding. In the episode "Games", he fires Amber "Cutthroat Bitch" Volakis (Anne Dudek), hiring Dr. … Sign up here. While a little girl's life and limbs are in jeopardy, Tritter becomes more manipulative and House suffers withdrawal. A couple risk their lives getting from Cuba to see House, but his preoccupation with staff issues may cost the woman her life. Foreman resigns. All rights reserved. But before House can diagnose her, her brother starts exhibiting the same symptoms she was admitted with. Rate. Danny considers returning to his old job. Omar Epps. Kevin Costner; 7. While House and the team struggle to find the underlying cause, the case becomes personal for Foreman. Error: please try again. House is forced to choose a new staff... and gathers 40 applicants to start narrowing down the field. The season was recognized with numerous award nominations. Dr. James Wilson. Meanwhile, Foreman's frustration with House reaches a new level when he believes House sabotages his job interview with another hospital. House observes Ali crying milky tears. As Adam and his parents are leaving, House observes them from a nearby seat with Wilson. and the Terms and Policies, Meanwhile, House's reduced access to Vicodin is beginning to take its toll and he asks Cuddy for more, but instead of writing a prescription, she strictly rations his pills. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy His father, Don, is trying very hard to show Adam words, but Adam seems more interested in drawing lines on his chalkboard. House and his team face a lot of moral dilemmas when a patient wants them to help him end his life. However, House is skeptical. House struggles to find out why a pianist savant is losing his ability to play. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. The season was filmed from approximately June 12 through December 20, 2014. Speculation over Foreman's resignation continues, while a young girl named Addie (Lyndsy Fonseca)[55] is admitted after bleeding from the mouth during martial arts practice and House and Wilson are secretly concerned about each other. Wilson decides to take Cuddy and the tug of war with House for her affections begins, although Cuddy insists that she only went with Wilson as a friend. Before the team can take the sample, Adam has another fit and coughs up fluid from his lungs.

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