I finally wacked my way to my first waypoint and the rest of the way down was an easy wack through overgrown logging roads and moose paths and finally I broke out into the open. Killington Peak Distance of highlighted hike below: 13.2 miles with Sugarloaf Mountain and Mount Abraham. Mount Abraham Looking at Spaulding Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain from the summit of Mount Abraham on June 9, 2014. The helicopters would circle overhead for the rest of our trip. Long and rocky! 17 miles, 0530 - 2000 Ravine on flank of Sugarloaf, with Spaulding poking above. Approaching Abraham takes a little time as the last bit of the trail is all loose rock. Heading over to Sugarloaf Mountain from Spaulding Mountain on June 9, 2014. So you will have to park before the washed out bridges. There is a non-climbable tower as well as a hidden rock shelter. But it was easy to pick it back up without using my GPS, View of slides between Sugarloaf and Spaulding, Trail Spur off the AT to peak of Sugarloaf, AT trail marker, not sure why this is not actually on the AT. Mount Isolation Abraham summit houses a former fire tower and provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Eastern White Mountains, Ranges in Vermont This 2nd river crossing can be difficult if the water is high, and might require you to take off your shoes.). AT up to the ridge was fairly steep at times, but it goes quickly. (or hike just Sugarloaf at 4.2 or 5.8 miles) Sugarloaf Mountain is a 4,250 foot mountain in the High Peaks in Carrabassett Valley, Maine in Franklin County. Abraham Slide Trail DISTANCE: 14.75 miles ELEVATION GAIN: 3100 feet HIKING TIME: 8 hours SEASON: Summer DATE: July 2, 2005 WEATHER: Overcast, hot, humid PARKING: From ME 27 exactly 1.0 miles north of the Sugarloaf USA access road turn left onto gravel Caribou Valley Road. Take the left fork, and you will have to park near this area, because as you will see, the bridge over Rapid Stream has been damaged and fallen, so your hike will start before the actual trailhead and you will have to cross the river on foot. Green Mountains Turn onto this trail and hike the last 0.6 miles to Sugarloaf's summit. The trail for this hike is 4.4 miles up the road. Mt. After enjoying views on this summit, continue hiking another 1.7 miles (the trail name changes to the Mt Abraham Side Trail.) Mount Moriah He is the best! Mount Jefferson Mahoosuc First time I wore this hat and lost it in the wind later that day. Mount Liberty Get Outside for Physical and Mental Wellbeing – Safely! The driest summer in memory and it rains on the day I planned this traverse. 2016 Maine A.T. Land Trust Hikes Calendar. Mount Willey From the junction, go right on the Appalachian Trail for 2.3 miles where you will reach Caribou Valley Road. The Mt. Mount Monroe Sugarloaf, Spaulding, Abraham Maine 06/21/13 CLICK HERE O TO GO TO Maine/Vermont Hikes. Hike by - Prominence Mount Galehead Sugarloaf Mountain is a 4,250 foot mountain in the High Peaks in Carrabassett Valley, Maine in Franklin County. The approach to the summit of Mt. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and backpacking and is accessible year-round. There is a local small business called All Points Transportation run by a man named Greg in the Carrabassett Valley area who can help! Actually it is this one, you can just make out the tower. In a phone call to the Maine Warden Service (yes, we had phone service up there), Simon Rucker, Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust’s Executive Director, learned that the blaze had been sparked by lightening several days prior and had flared up again that morning. NH Fire Tower Quest, Hike by - Alphabetically Mount Lafayette Dropped off at Abraham trailhead. trail that is often difficult but the water was low enough that it wasn't a The Appalachian Trail (which spans from Maine to Georgia) passes within a mile of Sugarloaf's summit. Caution! These trip reports are close to 10 years old and with so many newer and better resources available, I've decided to let HockeyPuck's Hiking move to the cached servers of the internet archives. Learn how your comment data is processed. No views on the peak but there is a short trail to a view North of the peak, (next few pics), Zoomed in view of Sugarloaf from view point north of Spaulding. It is the 3rd highest peak in the state of Maine after Katahdin Baxter Peak, and Katahdin Hamlin Peak. Sign up to receive news and event notices from Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust. Carter-Moriah Range While the views are incredible, it's just not the same to be hiking up ski trails. Crocker Mountain, South Mt. Spaulding Mountain Mount Waumbek Crocker Mountain Mount Pierce Sugarloaf, Spaulding, Abraham Maine 06/21/13. Wapack Range Mount Cabot Mt. Mount Abraham There is a small clearing for parking just before this. North Brother Mountain Last fall I hiked the Crocker’s and Reddington which had views of the Sugarloaf and Spaulding traverse. Did not have one (this time) and didn't see any. Mount Tom Look for details regarding the next Maine Hikes trip in July, up Puzzle Mountain in Grafton Notch. There's really nothing much to it- just keep hiking up some ski trail until you can't climb any higher. Mount Wildcat, D Peak From Sugarloaf USA Ski Resort, drive 14.7 miles South on Route 16 / 27. To get to the Rapid Stream Trailhead parking area for the Fire Warden's Trail: Monson Appalachian Trail Visitor Center Opens June 20th. Go straight through this. To get to the Caribou Valley Road (Caribou Pond Road) Appalachian Trail crossing parking area: It is a long and arduous hike best done by an experienced hiker. Spotted my car at Sugarloaf and used Greg from All Points Transport. Or 30 minutes and 2 false peaks later - Just over that ridge. Between Abraham & Sugarloaf, parts of the AT are barely a path, plus several blowdowns that had to be jumped. The 3rd being the South Side Trail. We decide to climb up the ski trails of Sugarloaf to avoid crossing the Carrabassett River. According to the Maine Mountain Guide book, Sugarloaf, at 4,237’, is the 3nd highest mountain in Maine and boasts the best views in Maine, second only to Katahdin. NH 4,000 footers in Winter (This road will become a dirt road at the 3.3 mile mark). Mary (E Pilot), Middle Pilot, NW Pilot, Hutchins, Mt. There are plenty of water sources along the way so make sure to bring a filter. It is the 3rd highest peak in the state of Maine after Katahdin Baxter Peak, and Katahdin Hamlin Peak. I left it there for the rightful owner. As we watched, helicopters circled dropping fire suppressant materials. TRAIL: Appalachian Trail, Sugarloaf Spur, Spaulding Spur, Mt. 52 With a view The 2nd day’s mileage totaled approximately 7. We are climbing Sugarloaf, Spaulding and Abraham, three 4,000-footers, in a little over 15 miles. Mount Hale Abraham ... Lyndeborough Pinnacle - 1703 ft, Rose Mountain - 1... Spaulding Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain from Mt. Both Abraham and Sugarloaf have great views. Mount Hancock Drive 2.6 miles on this rough rocky road where you will reach a major fork. (or hike Sugarloaf and Spaulding at 9.6 miles) Spaulding Mountain is a 4,010 foot mountain in the High Peaks in Franklin County, Maine. Baldface-Royce Range The hike over to Sugarloaf was an easy trek. Mount Katahdin, Hamlin Peak Mount Twin, North Peak Aug 22nd pretty late start I thought! As the helicopter made its way back to Kingfield to pick up additional materials, 2 spots on the scorched mountaintop began smoking. This trail is not on most maps and is mainly used by locals since you have to drive on many unnamed old logging roads to get to the unmarked traillhead. Views From The Top recommends that all hikers read and familiarize themselves with the hikeSafe web site before venturing into the back country. This is about a 0.6 mile trail which descends rapidly. It is unclear if these bridges will be replaced, but as of June 2014 they are still damaged. It is situated between Sugarloaf Mountain and Mount Abraham. It is roughly 1 mile from the Sugarloaf entrance to Caribou Valley Road (also called Caribou Pond Road) and will be on the left. There is a small lean-to which could serve as an overnight site for either tents or just a sleeping bag. The Pursuit of Life is an outdoor adventure blog that’s dedicated towards providing guides on a variety of outdoor activities and wild places in the United States and Canada. There was no sign with trail names or which way to go on June 2014, but the only 2 trails coming off the summit of Abraham is the Fire Warden's Trail and the Mt Abraham Side Trail. 207-329-3482. New England 4,000 footers The lean-to was abuzz with activity from thru-hikers and weekenders. NH Hundred Highest We proceeded down West Kingfield Road and found Rapid Stream Road, the road to the trailhead, to be marked with somewhat rough and inaccurate signs, but we made it there so they got the job done. I was still covered with bug bite bumps. Thread Tools. Mount Moosilauke Northern Ranges Spaulding Lean-to. Instead we made plans to hike from Saddleback to Sugarloaf over three days. 14.5 hrs. Range Road (CVR) - just across the road from where I started the Crockers hike. All trip reports, maps, accounts, recollections and details in this blog are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in real life situations. After 2.3 miles, we arrived at the spot where a side trail would take us .6 miles to the summit of Sugarloaf, our first 4K of the weekend. There This is Rapid Stream Road.

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