Please check your inbox, and if you can’t find it, check your spam folder to make sure it … 12 x 24. Able to load on truck or trailer. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. REMOVING TOOLS.­Never­leave­adjustment­ tools,­ chuck­ keys,­ wrenches,­ etc.­ in­ or­ on­ machine—especially­near­moving­parts.­Verify­ removal­before­starting! This is Grizzly’ s sole wr[...], B uy D ir ect and S ave with G r izzl y ® – Tr usted, Pr oven and a G r eat V alue ! Extended exposure to this noise without hearing protection can cause permanent hearing loss. FEED DIRECTION.­Unless­otherwise­noted,­feed­ work­ against­ the­ rotation­ of­ blades­ or­ cutters.­ Feeding­in­the­same­direction­of­rotation­may­pull­ your­hand­into­the­cut. Grizzly email addresses & email format • hunter. Remove the packaging materials from around your machine and inspect it. Electrocution or fire could result if machine is not grounded and installed in compliance with electrical codes. View and Download Grizzly G0462 owner's manual online. The owner of this machine MUST maintain the original location and readability of the labels on the machine. To prevent the turning tool and your hands being pulled into the spinning workpiece, always adjust the tool rest to provide proper support for the turning tool you will be using. Use at least a 14 gauge cord that does not exceed 50 feet in length! 2.Coat all surfaces that have rust preventative with a liberal amount of your cleaner/degreaser and let them soak for few minutes. G0462 lathe pdf manual download. If your cleaner/degreaser is effective, the rust preventative will wipe off easily. I would not recommend it. It's in the top 3 bestselling wood lathes and has quite a few popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Grizzly G0733 or Rikon 70-305.. Shop Fox W1852 is $1795 more expensive than the average wood lathe ($450). Untrained users can be seriously hurt. If normal safety precautions are overlooked or ignored, serious personal injury may occur. Parts for G0462 - 16" x 46" Wood Lathe with DRO If you cannot locate your part below, please contact our tech support department at or 570-546-9663. Although there are many ways to successfully remove the rust preventative, these instructions walk you through what works well for us. DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENTS. Always wear hearing protection when operating or observiing loud machinery. EYE PROTECTION. It also bears a strong resemblence to the JET 1642 variable speed lathe, and "resemblence" is about all it can claim. If not cammed over far enough, the stocks will back off when pressure is applied. Manual, 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, steady and follow rests, metric thread gears etc. Many cleaning solvents are toxic if inhaled. Better choices in the same size range would be the JET in both 1.5 and 2.0 HP versions, or the Laguna 18 x Allow the lathe to stop on its own. The Model G0462 Wood Lathe is designed to turn wood stock so the operator can remove material with a hand-held cutting tool or chisel. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided. Bought new 09, lightly used since. ],            The unpain ted su r faces of your machine are coated with a heav y-dut y r ust prev entative that pre vents c orrosion d uring shipment and storage . WARNING: NO pORTION Of THIS MANUAL MAy bE REpRODUcED IN ANy SHApE OR fORM WITHOUT THE WRITTEN AppROvAL Of GRIzzLy INDUSTRIAL, INc. For modeLs mAnuFACtured sinCe 3/10 #ts12792 printed in ChinA. You have been successfully registered. The G0462 manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. When using centers, be certain the workpiece has been properly embedded on them and that there is adequate clearance for the full rotation. Avoid using these products to clean machinery. NEW Replacement Belt After Market Grizzly Mini Lathe G9247. Note: To clean off thick coats of rust preventative on flat surfaces, such as tables, use a PLASTIC paint scraper to scrape off the majority of the coating before wiping it off with your rag. Never operate the lathe with damaged or worn parts that fly apart during operation. Make sure that lathe is in its lowest speed when starting up. (Tap & Drill information along with Pictures and step-by-step installing information will be sent by email after auction ends.) Avoid chlorine-based solvents, such as acetone or brake parts cleaner that may damage painted surfaces. 99. It tops out at about 1800 rpm, it should go to 2400. Crystalline silica from bricks, cement and other masonry products. Lay the components out to inventory them. The time you spend doing this will reward you with smooth sliding parts and a better appreciation for the proper care of your machine's unpainted surfaces. The situation that you refer to is a result of the cams to the head/tail stock not being set in the proper position to lock against the bed. ],            REA D EL EC T R ICA L SA FE T Y ON P A GE 34 ! This manual uses a series of symbols and signal words intended to convey the level of importance of the safety messages. Grizzly Lathe G0625. 3.USING CENTERS. Grizzly G0462 Lathe Upgrade to 3 Phase Power. We have emailed you a verification link to to complete your registration. Always use lathe chisels on the downward spinning side of the workpiece only. HEARING PROTECTION. If you must use an extension cord: •Use at least a 14 gauge cord that does not exceed 50 feet in length! Always wear eye protection or a face shield and a respirator when operating the lathe. your machine may not exactly match the manual, Do not wear clothing, apparel, or jewelry that can become entangled in moving parts. However, I wish I had never purchased it. Do­not­use­ machinery­ in­ wet­ locations,­ cluttered­ areas,­ around­flammables,­or­in­poorly-lit­areas.­Keep­ work­area­clean,­dry,­and­well­lighted­to­minimize­risk­of­injury. NOTICE!!! Wipe off the surfaces. This fits your . Grizzly G0462 Manuals & User Guides. If your cleaner/degreaser is effective, the rust preventative will wipe off easily. The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Grizzly G0462, along with an item. ).­Make­sure­switch­is­ in­OFF­position­before­reconnecting­to­avoid­an­ unexpected­or­unintentional­start. Brand: Grizzly. Compliance MUST be verified by a qualified electrician! APPROVED OPERATION.­ Untrained­ operators­ can­ be­ seriously­ hurt­ by­ machinery.­ Only­ allow­ trained­ or­ properly­ supervised­ people­ to­ use­ machine.­When­machine­is­not­being­used,­dis- connect­power,­remove­switch­keys,­or­lock-out­ machine­to­prevent­unauthorized­use—especially­ around­children.­Make­workshop­kid­proof! Download Owner's manual of Grizzly G0462 Lathe for Free or View it Online on An out-of-balance workpiece or high RPM start can eject the workpiece. AWKWARD POSITIONS.­ Keep­ proper­ footing­ and­ balance­ at­ all­ times­ when­ operating­ machine.­ Do­ not­ overreach!­ Avoid­ awkward­ hand­positions­that­make­workpiece­control­difficult­or­increase­the­risk­of­accidental­injury. However, I wish I had never purchased it. Keep lathe chisels properly sharpened and held firmly on the tool rest when turning. 03-01-2009 06:20 AM by trifern | 32 comments » The Grizzly G0462 Wood Lathe is an enticing machine based on it’s price point, horse power, and features. $15.00 $ 15. Never operate the lathe with damaged or worn parts that fly apart during operation. Shop Fox W1852 is a well-known option at the top of the price range. I replaced the belt with a replacement part straight from Grizzly - it is pretty much the exact same belt I had tried to replace the broken belt previously. From United States +C $38.11 shipping. Always wear hearing protection when operating or observiing loud machinery. Always tie back or cover long hair. The power supply circuit for your machine MUST be grounded and rated for the amperage given below. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any type of cleaning product. Like many, I own a Grizzly G0462 wood lathe. Keep­ children­ and­bystanders­a­safe­distance­away­from­work­ area.­Stop­using­machine­if­children­or­bystanders­become­a­distraction. 1" x 8 TPI RH headstock spindle 10 speeds: 600 - 2400 RPM The complete and easy to read manual provides full instructions on how to assemble and maintain your lathe. Th is ma chi ne pr e se nts se ri ou s inj ur y ha z ar ds to untr ained users . Otherwise, filing a freight claim can be difficult. Note: If you can't find an item on this list, check the mounting location on the machine or examine the packaging materials carefully. This rust preven tative has been y our machine' s close ally and guard[...],           Site C onsider ations Figure 7 . Fax #: (800) 438-5901, MODEL G0462 WOOD LATHE WITH DIGITAL READOUT. The unpainted surfaces of your machine are coated with a heavy-duty rust preventative that prevents corrosion during shipment and storage. 9.STOPPING LATHE. Heavy Duty, Precision Ground Cast Iron Bed and Cast Iron Legs Ensures Stability and Minimal Vibration Quick Lock/Release Levers for Tailstock and Headstock, Outboard Turning is Easy with Standard Tool Rest Extension Spindle Tachometer with Digital Readout, For Your Own Safety, Read Instruction Manual Before Operating this Machine. Using extension cords may reduce the life of the motor. MAINTENANCE & INSPECTION.­A­machine­that­ is­ not­ properly­ maintained­ may­ operate­ unpredictably.­Follow­all­maintenance­instructions­and­ lubrication­ schedules­ to­ keep­ machine­ in­ good­ working­condition.­Regularly­inspect­machine­for­ loose­bolts,­alignment­of­critical­parts,­binding,­or­ any­other­conditions­that­may­affect­safe­operation.­Always­repair­or­replace­damaged­or­misadjusted­parts­before­operating­machine.­. Attempting to remove too much material at once may cause the workpiece to fly out of the lathe. footwear to avoid accidental slips which could cause a loss of workpiece control. Accidents are frequently caused by lack of familiarity or failure to pay attention. If you are unsure about the wiring codes in your area or you plan to connect your machine to a shared circuit, consult a qualified electrician. 4.ADJUSTING TOOL REST. A qualified electrician MUST size cords over 50 feet long to prevent motor damage. DO NOT stop the lathe by using your hand against the workpiece which could cause serious injury. Model H9692 Industrial Orange Power. Always tie back or cover long hair. Grizzly G0462 Lathe Upgrade to 3 Phase Power. Due to our ongoing improvement efforts, this information may not accurately describe items previously purchas[...],          F or Y our Own Safety , R ead Instr uctio n Man ual Bef ore Operat in g thi s Mach i ne The purpose of safet y s ymbols is t o attrac t your at tention t o possible ha zardous conditions. Conversion of a Grizzly G0462 wood lathe manual speed control to a continuously variable 25 Hp DC motor 0 to 90 V from a used treadmill purchased from a . A good user manual. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. I have owned it since 2007 and it has proven to be a good tool for me. Binchil 5Pcs Synchronous Belt GT2 Rubber Timing Belt M1.5X70Tx9.5mm Cj0618 SIEG C2 C3 Lathe Parts. 2002 yamaha yfm660 grizzly service repair factory manual instant. Features Spindle Tachometer with Digital Readout Outboard Turning is Easy with Standard Tool Rest Extension Quick Lock/Release Levers for Tailstock and Headstock Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Bed and Legs Ensure Stability and Minimize Vibration What's in The Box 16 in x 46 in Wood Lathe with DRO - G0462 Owner's Manual Warranty

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