My girls will love the idea of having animal faces or other designs. I have the ‘fogging’ problem with another shaped design and the pleated style, too. I didnt adjust anything between downloading the pattern and printing it, and the mask I just made for myself is very big. I have another tutorial on how to make a cloth face mask. Nancy sent me via email the following and I think it is useful: “Another option for the metal nose piece. I was so happy when I found this face mask video tutorial by Owl Be Sewing on Youtube because it has a free printable pattern. I love this mask, but if I may suggest – I sewed the 2 layers together on three sides, then turned it inside out, and sewed the second short side closed when I did the top stitching. Turn the mask right side out (the ‘good’ fabric side is now facing out) and press the upper and lower edges flat. I have a hard time not wearing my glasses- so not an option. See an around-the-head mask in this post. Read my tutorial on using overcast presser feet so you can finish raw fabric edges without a serger. Thank you for visiting! Like any personal protective equipment and device, a face mask must be applied according to certain rules. To adapt the pleated face mask pattern, try printing it out at a slightly smaller size and folding a dummy copy from paper to check it fits your child’s face before you cut into your fabric for the final version. They say that face masks have NON WOVEN layers and masks with interfacing are better, so I decided to use Pellon non woven fusible interfacing for my fabric mask. And school is suppose to start full time here ugh! Love this style mask. Place these pieces right sides together and stitch around all edges with ⅜ “ seam allowances. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I didn’t want to topstitch the upper edge because there is the ribbon insert. We have 2 front pieces of the mask and 2 lining pieces. But I see it’s a little bit too hard so I decided to go with less fancy regular elastic which is softer. ** To adjust the face mask WITHOUT filter opening pattern according to the WHO’s recommended 3 layer fabric mask, cut three pieces of each pattern instead of two and work the following sewing steps in the same way (but with an additional layer). Here are a few more free mask patterns plus tips and tricks for customizing your face mask! Instead of connecting the loop on the same side of the mask to wrap around the ear, around-the-head elastic will connect at the top of the mask to the top of the mask. It looks nice and the directions look to be very well done. SAVE up to 78% on US shop price and pay in $$! Measure the elastic around your ears so the mask sits comfortably – not very tight, so it doesn’t pull your ears, but not very loose also. Smooth every corner. But use pins ONLY in the seam allowances. Prepare your materials: Before you begin, gather all required supplies. Insert the wire: Cut a piece of wire about 16 cm (6½in) long. This could be a better option for fidgety children, too! Let me repeat what I said about elastic above. Thank you for this awesome pattern! This means I will receive a commission if you order a product through one of my links. For advanced stitchers, we offer a pattern for a fitted mask and for those less adept at sewing, we provide instructions on how to make an easy sew, folded face covering. Since the 3D Mask Template creates a very comfortable mask, you want to choose equally nice elastic to make the whole mask easy to wear. Simply printing “at scale” creates different sizes depending on whether I print directly from download, an exported .PDF, etc. time when stitching at the ends. I always just make sure that the top of the mask is tucked up under my glasses and I haven’t had any problems :), J’adore ce masque, il est parfait avec mes lunettes sans buée !! Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and then throw the tissue in the trash. The elastic, wire and filter can be removed before washing the mask. In fact any piece of wire, not very soft, not very stiff, will do. Now that masks are required in any public place, I will be making several of these masks. I really like this one, I feel I can breathe easier in this style. My biggest issue has been the sizing… I am posting a separate comment for that. Once you get the hang of it can be made in less than 15 minutes. I have read an article ‘STOP BUYING MASKS’. Sewing tutorial on a face mask from fabric plus a free pattern PDF. Make sure the ribbon insert for the nose is placed up if you have a special pattern on your fabric. I love this design and your instructions are awesome! Stitch the seams on the lining and centre seam on the filter likewise. Hello, Thank you for the info, I subscribed to your page and I got the pattern but I need the measurements in order to do the pattern, How can I get them. Clip about 3 mm (⅛in) into the seam allowances at the small markings. Steps 1- 8 are exactly the same as with the mask A. Pin the upper and lower edges together (matching marked centres). From now on the steps will be different for my 2 models of DIY masks. If you need to have instructions handy while sewing, a printable copy of this article can be found in my Etsy shop; a pattern is included also in this printable version, for convenience. I think it’s better for the face. If you would like to make a mask with a removable filter, then we have to make an opening for the filter. That would make it less bulky. After you are done with fitting pin 2 front pieces and 2 lining pieces right sides together like you see in the image below. See our privacy policy here. The 3d mask pattern is free to download below and comes in 5 sizes for kids and adults. Insert elastic and wire: Cut the elastic into two equal pieces. If you have problems understanding this step you can see it in details in my video tutorial on Youtube. You can find a PDF of the mask in 2 sizes – adult and child in my RESOURCE LIBRARY. Make a knot when you are done and pull the knot inside the mask so it’s not visible. Baste 2 main pieces of the mask right sides together (by hand sewing), seam allowances are ⅜” (or 1 cm)  and check how it fits around the nose. You should know you can get only a limited protection from these fabric masks, but also something is better than nothing, right? Try 6 issues of your favourite craft magazine for just £9.99! Thanks so much for this pattern. I i don’t have a printer. These reusable face masks can be washed and used again and again – and adjusted to fit your face shape! This 3D mask template will make a protective face mask that doesn’t sit right on your face for more comfort and breathability. The instructions on the website are NOT printer friendly, so having complete printable instructions would be very good. Cut out the pieces for the fabric face mask: Fold the fabric in half, right side facing in. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance unless otherwise noted. But I want to make casings for elastic loops on both sides. Neaten the allowances at the narrow edges of the inside and outside pieces with narrow zigzag stitching or with overlock stitch. Stitch back and forth over the pleat a few times to be sure it stays in place. Maybe sew two loops of elastic and then put into the casings. I love your 3d mask design, just wish it would download so I could make some for my grand daughters. The 3d mask template prints out on two pages. If your face mask is too loose, then you can tighten it by folding it in half and tying a knot in the mask as close to the fabric as you can get it. Your pics are amazing! Measure 1 inch (or 1 ¼ inch)  from the side edges and draw curved lines as you see in the images below. All you’ll need is thread, kitchen towel, fabric and some pins. This mask is easy to make for the newbie sewer and our kids are even making their own now. these Aluminum Strips from Amazon (affiliate), The basic child mask is easy to sew and comfortable to wear, See how to use pipe cleaners as a nose wire, These masks don’t contain elastic which is best for sanitizing at high heat, Best masks for grocery store runs – 3 versions, Surgical Cap or Scrub Cap Tutorial and Pattern, Printable ‘Take a Mask’ Download for delivery drivers, easy baby dress pattern for the summertime, modern ombre + b/w triangle quilt tutorial + pattern, highly quality quilting cotton is recommended for best protection, Toddler, ages 3-5 – cut 2 pieces 6-7″ long, Little Kid, ages 5-7 – cut 2 pieces 7-8″ long, Big Kid, ages 8-11 – cut 2 pieces 8″ long, Adult S, teen/adult – cut 2 pieces 9″ long. The type of elastic makes a huge difference, I bought the soft elastic you suggest in your post and both my son and husband both agreed it makes wearing a mask so much nicer. I hope that makes sense. My family love them. Finish curved edges with your sewing machine. Their shape is exactly the same but they are not identical. Support my site! Not only do these homemade 3D face masks look cool, but they are also super fun to sew! Also press the seam allowance not yet sewn at the end of both edges. A sewing machine would be ideal, but with a little patience, however, the mask can also be sewn by hand. Do this on both sides. Because I use non-woven stabilizer as filter media I serge this mask pattern then transfer to the regular sewing machine to finish. The flat front of the 3D mask style makes a perfect place to show off cute fabric. Use a safety pin as a bodkin to insert the elastic through the side casings. If you make the mask like this (with elastic over your head) for the first time you may not have the right measurements for this elastic.

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