Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Devi Puran I can get now! Consider supporting this website: Chapter 1 - On the questions by Śaunaka and others, Chapter 2 - On questions put by Śaunaka and other Rsis, Chapter 3 - On praising the Purāṇas and on each Vyāsa of every Dvāpara Yuga, Chapter 4 - On the excellency of the Devī, Chapter 5 - On the narrative of Hayagrīva, Chapter 6 - On the preparation for war by Madhu Kaiṭabha, Chapter 8 - On deciding who is to be worshipped, Chapter 9 - On the killing of Madhu Kaiṭabha, Chapter 14 - On the birth of Śūka Deva and on the duties of householders, Chapter 15 - On the dispassion of Śūka and the instructions of Bhagavatī to Hari, Chapter 16 - On Śūka’s desiring to go to Mithilā to see Janaka, Chapter 17 - On Śūka’s displaying his self-control amidst the women of the palace of Miṭhilā, Chapter 18 - On Janaka’s giving instructions on truth to Śūka Deva, Chapter 19 - On the description of the marriage of Śūka, Chapter 3 - On the description of the curse on Gaṅgā, Mahābhiṣa and Vasus, Chapter 8 - On the extinction of the family of Yadu and on the anecdote of Parīkṣit, Chapter 10 - On the death of king Parīkṣit, Chapter 1 - On the questions put by Janamejaya, Chapter 2 - On Rudras going towards the heavens on the celestial car, Chapter 4 - On the hymns to the Great Devī by Viṣṇu, Chapter 5 - On the chanting of hymns by Hara and Brahmā, Chapter 6 - On the description of the Devī’s Vibhutis (powers), Chapter 7 - On the creation and the Tattvas and their presiding deities, Chapter 9 - On the characteristics of the Guṇas, Chapter 11 - On the merits of the Devī in the story of Satyavrata, Chapter 13 - On the Devī Yajña by Śrī Viṣṇu, Chapter 14 - On the narration of the glories of the Devī, Chapter 15 - On the battle between Yudhājit and Vīrasena, Chapter 19 - On the going to the Svayamvara assembly of Sudarśana, Chapter 20 - On the Svayamvara hall and the kings conversation there, Chapter 21 - On the king of Benares fulfilling the advice of his daughter, Chapter 23 - On the killing of the enemy of Sudarśana in the great war, Chapter 24 - On the installation of Durgā Devī in the city of Benares, Chapter 25 - On the installation of the Devī in Ayodhyā and Benares, Chapter 26 - On the narration of what are to be done in the Navarātri, Chapter 27 - On the virgins fit to be worshipped and the Glory of the Devī, Chapter 28 - On the incidents connected with Navarātri, Chapter 29 - On the stealing of Sītā and the sorrows of Rāma, Chapter 30 - On the narration of the Navarātra ceremony by Nārada and the performance of that by Rāma Chandra, Chapter 1 - On the questions put by Janamejaya regarding Kṛṣṇa’s incarnation, Chapter 2 - On the supremacy of the effects of Karma, Chapter 3 - On the former curse of Vasudeva and Devakī, Chapter 5 - On the dialogues of Nara Nārāyaṇa, Chapter 9 - On the fight between the Riṣis and Prahlāda, Chapter 10 - On the curse on Viṣṇu by Bhṛgu, Chapter 11 - On Śukrā’s going to Mahādeva to get the Mantra, Chapter 12 - On Bhṛgu’s curse and the dialogue between Śukrācārya and the Daityas, Chapter 14 - On the Daityas getting back their Śukrācārya, Chapter 15 - On the truce between the Daityas and the Devas, Chapter 16 - On the Birth of the several Avatāras of Viṣṇu and their deeds, Chapter 17 - On the questions asked by Janamejaya, Chapter 18 - On the Devī Earth’s going to the Heavens, Chapter 19 - On chanting the hymns to the Devī, Chapter 21 - On the killing of the sons of Devakī, Chapter 22 - On the Part Incarnations of the Several Devas, Chapter 24 - On the stealing away of Pradyūmna, Chapter 25 - On the Devī’s Highest Supremacy, Chapter 1 - On the superiority of Rudra over Viṣṇu, Chapter 2 - On the birth of Dānava Mahiṣa, Chapter 3 - On the Daitya armies getting ready, Chapter 1 - On the war counsels given by Indra, Chapter 5 - On the defeat of the Dānava forces of Mahiṣa, Chapter 7 - On the going of the Devas to Kailāsa, Chapter 8 - On the description of the origin and the form of the Devī, Chapter 9 - On the worship by the gods to the Devī, Chapter 10 - On the messenger’s news to Mahiṣa, Chapter 11 - On the appearing of the Dānava Tāmra before the Devī, Chapter 12 - On the holding of counsel by Mahiṣāsura, Chapter 13 - On the killing of Vāskala and Durmukha, Chapter 14 - On the killing of Tāmra and Cikṣura, Chapter 15 - On the slaying of Viḍālākṣa and Asilomā, Chapter 16 - On the conversation between the Devī and Mahiṣāsura, Chapter 18 - On the killing of the Dānava Mahiṣāsura, Chapter 19 - On the prayer and hymns to the Devī, Chapter 21 - On the conquest of the Heavens by Śumbha and Niśumbha, Chapter 22 - On the eulogising of the Devī by the Devas, Chapter 24 - On the description and Dhūmralocana giving the news, Chapter 25 - On the killing of Dhūmralocana, Chapter 26 - On the killing of Caṇḍa and Muṇḍa, Chapter 27 - On the description of the war of Raktabīja, Chapter 28 - On the description of the fighting of the goddesses, Chapter 32 - On the King Suratha’s going to the forest, Chapter 33 - On the description of the greatness of the Devī, Chapter 34 - On the methods of the worship of the Devī, Chapter 35 - On the receiving of the boons by the King Suratha and the Vaiśya Samādhi, Chapter 3 - On the Deva defeat and on Vṛtra’s tapasyā, Chapter 4 - On the defeat of the Devas by Vṛtra, Chapter 7 - On Indra’s living under disguise in the Mānas Lake, Chapter 9 - On Indra’s getting the fruits of Brahmahattyā and on the downfall of king Nahuṣa, Chapter 11 - On the ascertainment of Dharma, Chapter 12 - On the cause of the war between Ādi and Baka, Chapter 13 - On the description of the battle between Ādi and Baka after the discourse on Śunahśepha, Chapter 14 - On the birth of Vaśiṣṭha from Mitrā Varuṇa, Chapter 15 - On the Nimi’s getting of another body and the beginning of the story of Haihayas, Chapter 16 - On the incidents preliminary to the Haihaya and Bhārgava affairs, Chapter 17 - On the continuance of the family of Bhṛgu, Chapter 18 - On the origin of the Haihaya Dynasty, Chapter 19 - On the origin of Haihayas from a mare, Chapter 20 - On the son born of mare by Hari, Chapter 21 - On the installation of Ekavīra and the birth of Ekāvalī, Chapter 22 - On the narration to Haihaya the stealing away of Ekāvalī, Chapter 23 - On the battle of Haihaya and Kālaketu, Chapter 24 - On the description of Vikṣepa Śakti, Chapter 25 - On the cause of Moha of Vyāsa Deva asked before Nārada, Chapter 26 - On the description by Nārada of his own Moha, Chapter 27 - On the marriage of Nārada and his face getting transformed into that of a monkey, Chapter 28 - On Nārada’s getting the feminine form, Chapter 29 - On the Nārada’s getting again his male form, Chapter 2 - On the piercing of the eyes of Cyavana Muni, Chapter 3 - On the bestowing of the daughter of the King Śaryāti to Cyavana Muni, Chapter 4 - On the conversation between the two Aśvins and the Princess Sukanyā, Chapter 5 - On the getting of youth by Cyavana Muni, Chapter 6 - On granting the Aśvins the right to drink the Soma juice, Chapter 7 - On the twin Aśvins drinking the Soma Cup, Chapter 8 - On the King Revata and the Solar Dynasty, Chapter 9 - On the story of Kākutstha and the origin of Māndhātā, Chapter 12 - On the description of Vaśiṣṭha’s curse on Triśaṅku, Chapter 13 - On the coming of Viśvāmitra to Triśaṅku, Chapter 14 - On the going to Heavens of Triśaṅku and the commencement of Hariścandra’s narrative, Chapter 15 - On the story of the King Hariścandra, Chapter 17 - On the freeing of Śunahśepha and the curing of Hariścandra, Chapter 18 - On the origin of the quarrel between Hariścandra and Viśvāmitra, Chapter 19 - On the taking away of Hariścandra’s Kingdom, Chapter 20 - On the earnestness of Hariścandra to pay off the Dakṣiṇā, Chapter 21 - On the description of the sorrows of Hariścandra, Chapter 22 - On the selling of Hariścandra’s wife, Chapter 23 - On the King Hariścandra’s acknowledging of the slavery of the Cāṇḍāla, Chapter 24 - On the stay of Hariścandra in the burning ground, Chapter 25 - On the quarrels between Hariścandra and Viśvāmitra, Chapter 26 - On the narration of the sorrows of Hariścandra, Chapter 27 - On the going of Hariścandra to the Heavens, Chapter 28 - On the glory of the Śatakṣi Devī, Chapter 29 - On the birth of the Bhagavatī in the house of Dakṣa, Chapter 30 - On the birth of Gaurī, the seats of the Deity, and the distraction of Śiva, Chapter 31 - On the Birth of Pārvatī in the House of Himālayās, Chapter 32 - On Self-realization, Spoken by the World Mother, Chapter 34 - On the Knowledge and Final Emancipation, Chapter 35 - On the Yoga and Mantra Siddhi, Chapter 36 - On the Highest Knowledge of Brahmā, Chapter 38 - The Vows and the Sacred Places of the Devī, Chapter 39 - The Worship of the World Mother, Chapter 40 - The External Worship of the Devī, Chapter 1 - On the description of the worlds, Chapter 2 - On the uplifting of the Earth by the Sacrificial Boar, Chapter 3 - On the description of the family of Manu, Chapter 4 - On the narration of the family of Priyavrata, Chapter 5 - On the description of the receptacle of beings and on the mountains and on the origin of rivers, Chapter 6 - On the rivers and the mountains Sumeru and others, Chapter 8 - On the description of Ilāvrita, Chapter 9 - On the narration of the division of the continents, Chapter 10 - On the description of Bhuvanakoṣa, Chapter 11 - On the description of the continents and of Bhāratavarṣa, Chapter 12 - On the narration of Plakṣa, Śālmala and Kuśa Dvīpas, Chapter 13 - On the description of the remaining Dvīpas, Chapter 14 - On the description of the Lokāloka space, Chapter 16 - On the motion of the planets, Chapter 18 - On the narrative of Rāhu Maṇḍalam.

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