Ugly Yellow - Thanks to CaptainFiddlebottom & belGician for the suggestion & screen! See picture (1), Corner pub - This is a great building for loot. 30 slots, Mountain backpack - Like I said above, these are great for storage but they just make you a walking glow stick. Be sure to go upstairs (in the doorway on the road) and check all the rooms up there, I have found guns a few times. And indeed, farming is great, rp-wise and food-wise! Splitting axe - This is just like the firefighter axe minus a bit of it's power. If you don’t have room in your inventory, the remaining vegetables will be piled at your feet. Press T and the gun will fire both barrels at the same time with high damage.. ouch. If you could rate it, follow it and comment, that'd be amazing as every little helps! So I'd suggest finding a compass as they help, a lot. Navigation - Knowing where you are in DayZ is a massive importance. There is talk of a Remington 870 being brought in. They all may spawn food inside, BUT some of them have ladders in the back to go on the roof, where you will find guns! Great farming guide I found useful, I hope you will too. This page was last modified on 18 January 2014, at 02:35. If you're a sniper in your little group, one of these might be desirable. From pitchforks to can openers to a deadly axe. To get it, just make the courier bag and add sticks. Though not as many since last update, you should still head straight here for a backpack if you can. I'm just getting involved in the game to stream on twitch , is it better to go for official servers or modded etc ? It was really helpful. Protection - Usually Trojan or Durex are the most popular choice... Kidding, I'm talking about something you can clobber someone over the head with or shoot down a herd of zombies. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. This means that you and your camp mates will be able to setup a permanent, self-sustaining camp with proper vegetable farming. the one with the yellow wood and blue frames at the front. But they all have similar designs. When you spawn, you'll spawn with a T-Shirt and some jeans. It's loud, it's powerful and my god it hurts. Drink - This again should be pretty obvious as without water, you're going to get dehydrated and, you guessed it, die! I don't go here often so someone else can confirm any other notes on this building and I'll add to this. Tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, and pumpkins All four of these seeds can be found in seed packets, which are an industrial-type spawn meaning you’ll find them in places like long barns, two-floor barns, factories and sheds. It takes 7.62x51mm rounds and has a 1 shot chamber. Good luck surviving to everyone out there! There are also lots of attachments you can find for this but I'm not going to cover them just yet. It seems like common sense to check but quite often when a whole town has been picked clean by wave after wave of freshspawns, having a quick peak in the nearest greenhouse can bag you some fruit or even canned food. 20 slots, Hunting backpack - My personal favorite. I don't know much about it as I've never found one but with its 15 round magazine, it sounds pretty good. To make it, combine a Burlap sack with rope. They deal massive ammounts of damage and can kill zombies and players in one hit. Think I might have to start farming. Yeah, I was there a few days ago, and server hopped around for half an hour and found no loot. You’ll find a Greenhouse in DayZ in most of the larger cities throughout Chernarus as well as some of the smaller ones. If you are looking for ways to improve your chances of survival then hacks, cheats and aimbots are your best bet. Same thing for me, but the 2 story mesh tents have some stuff and the ACT tower is perfect for finding many attachments as well as the hangars. This is just me but what I like to do is take my starting shirt off and tear it into rags as you've most likely going to get hit by a Zombie at some point and start gushing blood. Im going to cover every aspect of farming as it inevitably grows with each patch. Exactly what I was looking for :-) thanks! M4A1 - The M4 is probably one of the most common rifles you'll find on anybody, but if you see a guy with one of these, don't be afraid as it's highly inaccurate. It should make more play styles viable for role-playing. I've never even seen one of these but apparently the damage on them is weak but it has a built in suppresor which means it's perfect for stealth. We release new versions every 15 minutes to keep the cheat safe for you to use. Look at the soil in the greenhouse or improvised garden plot, and you’ll be given an option to ‘Dig Holes‘. I checked Balota and NWAF and found nothing :(, Yep I tried going there as well. 35 slots, Baseball bat - This has very minimal damage. Balota tents seem to not spawn loot anymore. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), I,, Medical House - These are great for loot as they'll always medical kits in. This is a weapon mod that currently adds around 40+ new weapons into DayZ along with 6 new types of ammo. Good times growing Tomatoes and Peppers! This one used to spawn medical stuff, food and clothing. It spawns ammo and sometimes a gun upstairs. Med House - Always has a medical supply in it! In fact, having more possible spawn points, all with reduced spawn chance, actually makes it harder to loot military areas (because you have to search a larger area for loot). Anything can save your life. Again, You can find everything here, even weapons occasionally. This is a .9mm pistol and has a 15 round magazine. Each packet of seeds will contain up to 20 seeds which is a pretty good start. Tomato plants in DayZ Standalone were the first grow-able resource, introduced in experimental patch 0.50. Equip any of your seeds and look at your fertilized holes in the ground. Anything in DayZ can be used as a weapon in some way. The mountain backpack tends to be vibrant colors, like the Taloon backpack and it makes you easily noticable. Anything in DayZ can be used as a weapon in some way. It's powerful, it's accurate and with the long range scope attachment, I can see well over 1000m. Go to each plant and select "water this plant" while holding the bottle. Symmetrical, December 29, 2014 in DayZRP Mod Guides and Tutorials. If it was, the only reason I can think of would be because there were too many weapon attachments spawning there. (No image available just yet), Improvised courier bag - This is a craftable item. You’ll be given the option to ‘Plant a Seed‘. Also spawns food, melee weapons, backpacks, gun parts... Be sure to check the back room in this house as well (although as of last update it hasn't had loot in it). Please see the. Even though it has 5 less slots than the moutain backpack, it's better for camo and keeping yourself hidden. They look worn, dirty and their windows are all smashed. A full bag of Garden Lime will fertilize up to 20 slots. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Rags will save your life. (I maybe heard from WOBO not sure.). Hey! Remember farming in DayZ is in it’s infancy and it will constanlty be evololving. They have guns, food and clothes in so be sure to check these. Blaze 95 double rifle - These are fairly common and are fun to play with. It's quite a rare rifle so if you find one, I'd keep it. - All around great for all loot. I haven't found anything in the Balota tents since the patch and I have tried at least 3 or 4 times. If you don't know where you are, you're most likely going to end up running around the wilderness and eventually dying of starvation. FNX45 - This is my favorite pistol in the game. I personally don't like shotguns as they're a spray and pray weapon. Road Side Kiosks - There are a few styles of these (the one pictured is actually the gas station kiosk). See picture (2), Appartment row - This is a great building to loot. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with DayZ. And if you know of any other buildings that I should include (Like the larger school and firehouse) then I can always edit and add them later tonight (If you get the screenshot for me then big ups). I'll cover loot, safe zones and no go areas and how to make friends. Seeds in DayZ currently come in 4 forms. Which means getting things like scopes is now incredibly hard. edit: also blue cars :(. I personally don't like this gun but I have friends who I play with that love it. Also spawns rice and other great food! I would add, though, that you don't need fertiliser to farm. Is weed growing a good option and can you recommend a tutorial to read or watch. IZH-43 - This and it's sawn off version are the only shotgun in the game at this moment in time. It takes 2 hits to kill a zombie with one of these. Only problem is, it can be a bit loud so use with caution, Magnum - Now. Haven't checked for myself, but form reading the sub, its sounds like it. They often come in pairs. omatoes, peppers, zucchinis, and pumpkins. For starters, this hacking feature can help in the detection of houses with valuable items inside. Make sure to check the room upstairs for things like more food and ammo. It takes 5.56mm rounds and has lots of different magazines. You don't even need to do that. Mosin 9130 - I love this beautiful rifle. /r/dayz - Discuss and share content for DayZ, the post-apocalyptic open world survival game. Just so you know, idiots, this guide is so hilariously outdated. But that doesn't matter as the tile will get watered when it next rains and the crop will then grow fine. It is only visible to you. you've got your position. Theres this ugly yellow house that I always find shit tons of food in in the kitchen. I'd take something like a chequered shirt and jeans if you're choosing the hero role. Need to update your melee description of the shovel "weak", I've killed more players with a shovel than any other weapon, including firearms! Piano House - Probably the best building to loot, Spawns melee weapons on the piano, and guns on the shelving unit across from the piano. In this guide I'll go over my favorite buildings to loot and I'll try to give notes that I find helpful. In most towns, the most common and best buildings for loot for me are: So I ran out of room on the other looting section which I didn't know could happen so I'll just continue the rifle section here. in can be argued. Of Course with development, these house will change, but for now they are a waste of time. Hospital - Spawns, well, medical supplies of course! playing only hardcore lately, so cant confirm if this is valid for latest patch, edit: spelling + i obviously wanted to say ty for the guide, my info was about 80-90% of your list, just couldnt keep some of them apart, nice to have a list with pics now ;), edit again: the house i mentioned: afaik it spawned a medical thing like saline, med kit etc in the entrance hall, food in the kitchen-like room (also seen pants etc there) and some random stuff upstairs, seen clothing, not sure what else, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Use the weapon list above to prioritise weapons. See picture (4), Factory - Looks similar to the Piano house but longer. Skinny Green -Moved from the no loot section, thanks bengalo & x_Sligh_x - Spawns general items and med supplies.

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