Leave a comment and let me know (please!). Please share your personal highlights in the comments section. Both add video and text chat windows to video. She even does a commendable job (for someone that isn’t a professional singer) paying tribute to Paige O’Hara’s incredible voice from the animated movie. Coffee Talk gets creative and uses its characters to explore various issues in society, from racism to crunch. Kimberley is usually playing the latest RPG, sports title, or narrative-driven experience. The casting is perfect and the role should show off Emma Watson’s gorgeous spunkiness brilliantly. In the immortal words of the late, great Gorilla Monsoon, “I find that highly unlikely.”. Continue reading “Coffee Talk #672: Emma Watson Will Rule 2017”. Daniel Bryan had made it big, but Bryan Danielson was still the guy under the new suit. I can’t be the only smark that noticed the resemblance. For example, it discusses how even if the world was one race, we’d still find some differences among us and use them to marginalize others. Sometimes, customers say, “Make my usual.” Other times, they say, “Surprise me.” Sometimes they make requests you can’t fulfill exactly, forcing you to improvise. It’s that time of the year again — a time for ridiculous deals, retail violence, and questionable purchasing decisions. Continue reading “Coffee Talk #671: The Best of 2016”. Initially, I dismissed it as Internet people being Internet people. The first time I saw a photo of him in 2016, I thought it was a photo of Eugene, the mentally challenged WWE character. I’m fairly certain of this. A bunch of nerd friends and I were having a debate on the new Galactus. His then-girlfriend (now wife) Brie Bella gave him a fashion makeover. Coffee Talk #667: Is Galactus Just a Cosmic Jobber? While he was always among the best technical wrestlers in the WWE, he didn’t have “the look” or the size of a typical WWE headliner. The latter is out with an injury and the former just retired. The conversation starts as normal with him talking about the mission but something curious to me that is … Game Informer. It’s about time they made him interesting.”. For instance, you get one primary ingredient and two secondary ones. In this podcast I will be sharing book reviews and my personal thoughts on various topics from relationships to day to day lifestyle, self improvements how-to's and more. I was still entertained during my playthrough, and I genuinely cared about the characters and their journeys – even if those journeys don’t take them to unexpected places. Press J to jump to the feed. Several weeks ago in the RPad.TV chat, smartguy used the term “low-hanging fruit.” He was talking about politicians and their predilection for doing the bare minimum in order to get the job (kinda) done. Toge Productions taps into this concept in Coffee Talk, an interactive experience that shows the powerful relationships that can form around a cuppa joe. Broken Matt Hardy has a Gentile-fro…with a white streak. Elves are building startups, dwarves are creating automotive empires, and orcs are using computers instead of axes for job satisfaction. Coffee Talk #668: Thank You Daniel Bryan! “Coffee Talk #672: Emma Watson Will Rule 2017”, on Coffee Talk #672: Emma Watson Will Rule 2017, “Coffee Talk #670: Help Me Understand Broken Matt Hardy”, on Coffee Talk #670: Help Me Understand Broken Matt Hardy, “Coffee Talk #669: Black Friday Open Thread”, on Coffee Talk #669: Black Friday Open Thread. Naturally, when I mean “best,” I really mean “favorite.” (The idea of a movie or a record being “best” is…stupid.) Thanks so much for making RPad.TV a part of your 2016. As a fan of pro-wrestling and comics, I loved that he combined those two worlds. Coffee Talk #675: How Much Time Should Elapse Before it’s Okay to Reveal Spoilers? Beauty and the Beast’s Belle is an intelligent and beautiful woman in the movie. Instead, Daniel Bryan connected with the fans with unusual honesty and earnestness. If you’ve ever dreamed of starring in your own version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or you simply miss watching TV with your friends, Netflix Party and Scener are worth checking out. What’s your take on Galactus? Sometimes the writing waxes philosophical. He’s never gotten the comics equivalent of a big win on WWE Raw or a PPV main event victory. You could see when friends are done binge-watching new shows and see who you can have spoiler-free discussions with. A photo posted by Raymond Padilla (@rpadtv) on Aug 15, 2013 at 10:37pm PDT. If anything, Coffee Talk feels like a game full of interesting concepts that are only half-realized.

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