The portion of the ground that is a big hole will break away when you step on it. It is dirrectly the opposite of Sleeping Canvases’ boss fight and elevator that leads back into the Library of Negated Words. Enter the door to the left of the elevators for another child of the moonlight (24/38). If you already defeated the final boss and received the bad ending, don’t fret. Now you can interact with the red circle. Defeat each challenge room to sanctify the area. You will just fall below but you can try to jump and wall climb to save you a trip back up. The first two can be obtained within the area and the latter can be purchased from the merchant Candelaria in The Sleeping Canvases. Walk slightly to the right and you'll fall through a trap floor for the boss battle of this zone. At the top of the left staircase equip your Relic: Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reveal a couple of platforms leading up. Continue to the left and save at the prie dieu. Once you’ve cleared this room make your way back to the staircase and head to the left exit. Head to the left inside this room and trigger the switch. From here, you can head back to Archcathedral Rooftops to proceed to the final bosses. In a cell with a set of floor spears. Wall of the Holy Prohibitions (Amanecida of the Molten Thorn). If he does this, simply moving will keep your safe. Consult the map above to get an idea of the area layout. Use the Wall of Holy Prohibitions guide below. He also deals massive damage and you can get caught up getting hit multiple times before you can really do anything. This will trigger a door to open to the right. In order to access … 29. Destroy it to open the gate above. From petty thieves to chronic heretics, those who have insulted the Church, whether through words or actions, rot away in these cells. Next, equip your Weight of True Guilt rosary. Go into this room to get the Brilliant Heart of Dawn (Mea Culpa Heart). Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage. One of the locked cells that requires the Key of the Inquisitor has Cleofas in it if The Penitent One chose the second option in Cleofas's quest. Open the door in the upper right corner of this room. When he finally goes back to get his sword, head to the opposite side as another wave of fire will appear taking up his half of the room. After the boss fight, Deogracias will be outside the exit of the boss room, and will tell of Quirce's backstory if spoken to. Jibrael Location: Wall of Holy Prohibitions. Ride it all the way to the top this time. However about halfway through the fight my triggers and bumpers stop working, so that’s magic, dodge, and heals all messed up. Inside the room speak to Jibrael and have him raise the coffin for this area. Your email address will not be published. Hit the gate switch to gain access. Break the lock here to open up a shortcut to the beginning of this zone. However, he was previously a mixed martial arts news writer. You will need to take them out before advancing. To help you make your way through Blasphemous, use the main story guides below.They are broken up into individual areas. Sword Throw - When Quirce will hang onto the lower part of a wall, he will throw his sword at you. Speak to Jibrael for one final interaction before he disappears. In the same room as the previous three items, in a cell that requires Key of the Scribe to open. The final fight is with the boss called Laudies, the first of the Amanecidas. Pick up the Quirce's Scorched Bead rosary bead here. Your email address will not be published. While running you will be jumped by not one, but two Warden of the Silent Sorrow enemies. Blasphemous. Next, you will need to destroy each of the seven confessor statues hidden throughout the game. After defeating this boss, you will get the Ashes to Ashes achievement. Skip the ladders for now and go straight to the left to increase your max HP. The Blasphemous story tasks you with traversing a number of different areas, fighting different bosses, and ultimately finding redemption in the world of Cvstodia. In the same room as the previous item, in the top right. Requires elevators in the room to be positioned in a certain spot. I know there is normally an empty room in this area (Wall of the Holy Prohibitions) where an NPC goes depending on your actions but I do not believe that this is that room. You'll run into a new enemy, the lunatic. After completing this process with each of the seven confessor statues, you will be ready for the final fight.

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