Thank you so much! I picked up my knitting today and could do the Channel Island bind-off, without even watching the video. Or port I think. At this point in my life I’ve had a few careers and I have knit, crocheted, and spun through all of them: Teaching (high school and college), scientist, engineer, analyst. For instance, if you're doing a sweater that starts with ribbing around the bottom edge and ends with ribbing around the neckline, you might want to start with an easy and quick cast-on because you're casting on a lot of stitches. I’m insanely honored! I am pretty OCD and hate when the two ends don’t match, and now they can! *Repeat this step with the next stitch on the needle. I tried reading medical articles and my brain can’t even handle it right now. Wonderful article – I have just used the Channel Island bind off for my toe-up socks – so pretty, and bonus: without the bulk of traditional picot hem. Write to her at [email protected]. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s every said to me! I am a pediatric intensivist and I have been knitting in meetings and conferences and in the break room for my entire career and I won’t stop now. This one took me a while to figure out, but I finally mastered a two color i-cord cast on (not an applied i-cord!). I love German Twisted cast-on and wanted the perfect bind-off to pair with it. I’m embarrassed by the number of stress induced hats I’ve cranked out during Zoom calls. A lot of knitters like to plan ahead so that they can match their bind-off to their cast-on. Just one question, though, what kind of wine goes with Cheetoes? I love this! I’ve found that charity knitting heads a lot of critics off at the pass. In fact I teach two different cast-on and bind-off classes, and they both feature matching edges. We’ve scaled down to essential well baby visits that require vaccinations and few face to face acute appointments. But Patty, if you don’t wear pants, on what will you wipe the Cheetos dust? In an uncharacteristically non smart-alecky way, I say to you, knit on, yes, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, knit on. Other times, it's not so important to have a matching cast-on, and it would probably be better to match the edge to the fabric where you're binding off or casting on. Thanks. The legs that lean to the right has the plys standing straight up and down. Different yarns are plied differently. Do you need our top-rated knitting patterns for free? Is this perhaps the result of your style of knitting, a photography issue, or something normal? PS Movie Trivia: Meg Ryan’s character in Sleepless in Seattle was from Baltimore, just saying …. Since I use up yarn leftovers making lapghans for hospice it would be useful to know all the matching ones. Your email address will not be published. Do you have a problem you’d like Patty to tackle? In fact I teach two different cast-on and bind-off classes, and they both feature matching edges. My big dilemma: Is it appropriate/acceptable/OK to be knitting while in my office while just waiting for the patients to come? Thank you so much for this article/tutorial – it’s exactly what I was looking for! Patty Lyons is a nationally recognized knitting teacher and technique expert. So at first I tried all sorts of variations of casting on two stitches and pulling the previous stitch through it to cast on the next, and what I got was a twisted tight mess. This chapter is part of our Bind-Offs Video Class. There are some variations of picot bind-offs, but I’ve found them to be too picoty (that’s a word) or to take too many steps to remember. And once they’re used to you doing charity knitting they assume everything you knit is charity knitting, so you can do your personal knitting without a problem. That’s right, since I have a bit of extra time on my hands now that I’ve gotten rid of pesky things like traveling for work, leaving my house, or sleeping, I decided to take on another matching issue that’s always bugged me. I’ve tried knitting and stopping the video every few seconds, and transcribing your directions. I’m so glad you liked it. It’s one of the few distractions we can do that aren’t actually distracting us from being present in the moment (unless you’re doing charted lace knitting, that takes concentration!). Love it, and so I will be watching your video several hundred times as I navigate my own Bind off! Snippets is the Saturday newsletter full of MDK news, specials, and first look at new offerings. Your eye is then able to tune into each leg. ("Bind off" is also sometimes called "cast off," the two terms are interchangeable.) As you would say: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and knit on. I’ve tried all day to get the rhythm of the Channel Island bind off….and it just eludes me. Patty, maybe my eyesight is going, but when I look at your two purple swatches, I see a half-V + straight line for each stitch — \l — instead of a balanced V. The result is obvious lines up and down the fabric. I use it a lot. That means the plys run in a diagonal from upper left to lower right (like an S). So I decided to lick the Cheetos dust off my fingers, finish that bottle of wine, and give it a try. Hi Patty, what a great unvention. It would look awesome at the top of my toe up socks. Is there a video that goes with the double crochet bind off? Is the channel island bindoff stretchy? In her pursuit of training the mindful knitter, Patty is known for teaching the “why” in addition to the “how.” She specializes in sweater design and sharing her love of the much-maligned subjects of gauge and blocking. You are my new Elizabeth Zimmerman! Also receive daily new post notifications, Ask Patty: Matching Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs. Method 3: chained (cable) cast on matches stitch-over-stitch bind off The chained cast on (also called the cable cast on) looks a good deal like an ordinary stitch-over-stitch bind off. or pairing the crochet cast-on with a knit one, pass over bind-off as you see here. But you asked about the Icelandic bind-off. Here are all the bind-offs in this course that have matching cast-ons (links go to videos in the KnitFreedom Guide to Cast-Ons), Your email address will not be published. I have a book on both but not the “matching” part. The Icelandic bind-off is created by knitting one stitch, putting it back on the lefthand needle, pulling the next stitch through it, knitting it, and then removing them both. Hi Patty, me again. The BEST way to attach lining fabric to knitting--the OVERCAST STITCH (part 5 of "hand sewing for hand knitters"), Slip stitch surface decoration: Fake Latvian Braid, Adding a new ball of yarn in the same color, Taming long floats via the STUART method for color-knitting, Curling scarf rescue mission--part one: the problem and the solutions which DON'T work, An easier way to Kitchener Stitch (also called "grafting seams" or "weaving seams"). Hi Patty! There are some variations of picot bind-offs, but I’ve found them to be too picoty (that’s a word) or to take too many steps to remember. How do you handle the dog ears on sock toes, i knit top down. LOVE matching cast-on and bind-off edges. OF COURSE she should be knitting! Step 2: Wrap yarn around hook and pull the wrapped yarn through both loops. WOW!! Sometimes we just have to put out knitting in “time out” and then it behaves! Dear Restless, Hi Patty— I always learn something when you post. Click on the little settings wheel in the lower right hand corner and turn on subtitles. , but I couldn’t find a Channel Island bind-off. Thanks, Karen. and a master knitter like yourself shares frustration busters and leads us on !! These are the kinds of things that you'll learn as you read and work through this course. Thanks for your wise words and warm regards. Patricia. Required fields are marked *. oh I’m so glad. Thank you for these brilliant co/bo ideas, and thank you for taking one for the team, snackwise. So without further ado, I present to you, here. Don’t try to visualize it. But there were other cast-ons that didn’t have a corresponding bind-off that I knew of, so I looked for pairs that would work. It’s not my style of knitting, it’s your eye seeing the direction of the plys. My inbox task is empty. If you use the cable chain cast on and the stitch-over-stitch cast off, you will have two edges which match closely. Choose any three or more Field Guides, and you'll find yourself in a world of beautiful knitting and inspiration. So I decided to lick the Cheetos dust off my fingers, finish that bottle of wine, and give it a try. To the knitter in Baltimore: I take my knitting to faculty meetings, I knit on Zoom meetings, committee meetings, while proctoring exams….it helps me focus and it takes the edge off. cast-on and wanted the perfect bind-off to pair with it. Finally I realized the important element was the crisscross braided look that was made from a new stitch being made by crossing it over the previous one. I also knit or spin while reading at work. Also she posted a video of the traditional Channel Island Bind Off. Does this mean that when I execute the Cable Cast on, I alternate from the Knit technique that you show (for the knit stitches) and the Purl technique which was illustrated in my book (for the purl stitches) as the pattern sets forth in the setup row? Great post. . What a lovely thing to say. Two Color I-cord Cast On and Bind Off. Thanks for everything you do! I love learning new techniques and your Icelandic cast on looks great. Thanks Patty. Thanks. Isn’t it red wine with cheese? Not only are these starts and finishes pretty, but they also match which brings me to . The mom said she appreciated the presence and the fact that I was in it for the long haul. Tried a lot of thing but i always seem to have them! I certainly have had people comment that it was “unprofessional”, but I have nearly always been the person in the room who paid the most attention, and those comments quickly went away. I don’t want to look unprofessional if I pick up my sticks and string but the struggle is real …. But here in quaran-time, I’m going to roll up my sleeves, grab a snack, and figure it out. Take a look at this picture where I drew a red line on the plys – I knit them one after the other…. You can find Patty at her website and on Ravelry. Thank you so much! So, knit away! So knitting has been one of the things that is keeping me sane these days. You may well find yourself giving lessons to colleagues and that will give everyone a pick-me-up. #kniton. It would save me a lot of frustration. Thank you so much for your article. Now you can build your collection of MDK Field Guides at a savings of 20%. 3) Should the Cast on and Bind Off Edge Match This is a time for doing all you can and doing what you need. And of course, with all this sheltering in place and working from home, it’s also helpful to remember, pants are optional. We all must be kind to each other, and I doubt anyone would find your knitting unprofessional. You now have one loop on the hook. If I had another knitter here with me it would be easier with another pair of eyes, ears and hands. You now have two loops on the hook. Very helpful! Sign up to claim this offer! I love your columns and you are making me a better knitter after more than 30 years of practice. I love the Icelandic bind off. When you bind off, you might want to end with something that is stretchy and invisible because you're going to see it and it also has to go over your head. LOVE matching cast-on and bind-off edges. Approaching the problem systematically and logically, I felt it was best to eat a bag of Girl Scout cookies and a brick of cheddar cheese and try again. Since German Twisted has an extra twist that makes it a bit taller, I found that the double crochet bind-off looks great with it: Here’s how to work a double crochet bind-off: Step 1: Insert the hook into the first stitch on the needle knitwise, wrap the yarn around the hook as if to knit, then pull the wrapped yarn through the first stitch, removing the stitch and letting it drop from the needle. If the workplace became more like the fellowship of the LYS, the world would be a better place indeed. I am a pediatrician working at a local community health center in a poor area in our inner city, so I am not as busy as my hospital/Internist/emergency room colleagues during this pandemic.

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