One of the most versatile soft plastics on the market, the YUM Dinger can be Texas, Carolina and wacky rigged, weighted or weightless, and catches bass when other lures fail. I JUST went out and compared them after reading the reviews here. Fish tend to hold on to them longer. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased. Another reason is that fish attractant can be “built into” the plastic worm. We're always looking to improve our articles to help you become an even better fisherman. And yes, these are better than Senko's! Plastic fishing worms are made from a flexible plastic known as Plastisol. Another is, what type of fish are you going after and what type of action do you want? Fish hold on a little longer on the senko, but are you really willing to pay an extra 6 dollars per bag for a second longer of hold time? It is heavily salt impregnated for a fast sink rate and the... Simulates natural movement that attracts fish. This is still good if you don't want to spend 7 dollars a pack on Senkos. My 4 favorite colors in order are smoke pearl laminate, black blue flake, pumpkin pepper green flake, and cranberry. Comments: For my personal opinion I think yum dingers are the best bait for the price and for a young fisherman they are the perfect price for someone that does not want to spend 7 dollars on a pack of senkos. Comments: These are a good Senko-style bait for the price, but it just doesn't have the same action or softness. Comments: In my experience Dingers are much better than Yamamoto senkos, they are cheaper, more durable & in my opinion have better action. Comments: This bait is awesome! I believe it’s the action they give when being retrieved or allowed to simply sink. Now many years later, though my pockets are healthier, I still use their products. Catch fish but doesn't last long. Our main color on clear water and against the big rocky ledges is Elders Magic, but had great success with other colors also. Comments: Buy this. The long, slender boot tail on our Fisherman Series Go-To Hoochie Koochie delivers dynamic swimming action. Wacky rigging, or Texas rigging, this is the bait for it all! Works great around flats, edge or pockets of lily pad, rock drop offs, docks and any edge of heavy cover. I prefer the yamamotos when weightless wacky rigging. The local lake just wasn't producing, nor any other lakes in the region. Sometime, it gets ripped even when you don't get fish. I can power fish it or crawl it across the bottom, although I prefer to bottom fish it. It gets ripped very easily. The only difference is that the Dinger sinks slightly slower than the Senko and is MUCH more durable yet half the price of Yamamoto. Let’s dive into the top 10 plastic worms that will definitely help you land more fish! I hope this article has been helpful and informative as well as given you some ideas of plastic worms you may not have yet tried. That's not to say it doesn't catch fish. They are stored in resealable bags and coated in “worm oil”. Fish them year around. Comments: I caught my first 5 pounder on this today on the green pumpkin color. Often this “worm oil” will have some sort of attractant added to it to increase the attraction of the plastic worm. There are, however, biodegradable plastic worms that biodegrade faster on the market. When looking for the best plastic worms, keep a couple of things in mind. Texas rig this bait with a 4/0 hook and you will be good to go! Caught a 7.50 pounder on it yesterday. Much cheaper (although less durable) than the Senkos. Also, you can purchase worm oil for plastic worms at most sporting goods stores to keep your plastic fishing worms performing longer. I'm mostly a reaction fisherman but I always keep these around; any body of water at all times! I have used this in Idaho and Washington, worked great, caught my pb on it while using it on a Ned rig. St.Criox 6'6 MH fact action rod paired with stradic ci4 3000 reel. These are good on a texas rig & I've even had luck with them on a shaky head. Comments: No way do these fall like a Senko. I'm sure I'll get bashed by Senko haters but whatever. Draw the attention of freshwater bass with the Zoom 6″ Trick Worms 20-Pack. Plus these last a heck of a lot longer than senkos. It used to be a confidence thing for me with senkos but this year I plan on using up some of the packs of dingers I have as I don't plan on buying anymore of these types of baits this year...I have too much tackle as it is. These should be your go-to best plastic worms for bass fishing! The bass can't resist it! It is pretty much even as far as number of fish caught. Try em! It works on them all! Only drawback is the lack of color selection these have compared to senkos. Infused with salt and 8UP scent. Comments: These things just catch fish. Comments: I have caught tons of bass on these lures, mostly the 4 inch size, but I've fished these & senkos & although the senkos have a better wiggle on the fall unless im fishing in really tough conditions I opt for dingers 90% of the time. Soft plastic worms are among some of the most commonly used fishing lures still used today. Texas rig, weightless texas rig, carolina rig, wacky rig... this bait does it all. I highly suggest it! Buy 2 bags of dingers instead of one bag of senkos & catch a ton of fish. Until I started using these. You could buy 3 bags of 5" dingers for just a dollar more than 1 bag of 5" senkos. If there is a bass in the area, this will produce a result. It sinks slightly more slowly than a Senko but that makes it better for shallow water. Fishing Tackle; Bass fishing tips, tricks, and tactics. Ask a thousand bass fishermen about their favorite bait, and you’ll probably get a thousand different answers, but there is one bait in my arsenal that I trust more than anything else … Now I only have to go for the other brands for some specific colors like pink. The Mardi Gras pattern absolutly slays bass in the Spring here in Colorado, and is my go to stick bait. They stay on your hook better than senkos! Sure, senkos are great too, and we wouldn't have dingers without Gary Yamamoto's influence, but I am convinced these baits are just as good. Hi, I’m Jon and I created Cast & Spear because I believe everyone deserves to catch fish. Doesn't appear to fall as fast or with the action of a Senko, but catches loads of bass, Texas or wacky rigged. There's beauty in simplicity, and its so nice that such a simple bait can be so versatile. About me. One of my top go to drop shot baits period. Comments: The yum dinger is one of the best sinko type baits around, they last a long time & they are cheap. And take a look at the wide selection of colors! I was wondering what is the best size and color for yum dingers.I normally fish in ponds in southern georgia. This article contains incorrect information, This article is missing information that I need. Anything that has a green pumkin coloring tends to work as well for bass. If you want to have some fun, throw a 4" on a 1/16 oz crappie jig on an ultralight rod. From: Redgoby: Ohio 5/25/20, Comments: Been using YUM since I was a broke 12 yr old. These plastic worms are three times softer and as much as thirty times stronger than any other plastic bait ever made. Green pumpkin with chartreuse tail and green pumpkin red are killers. Comments: 'm telling you right now: hands down, these are the best overall choice for wacky rigging on the market. This a great worm for fishing structure during the summer.

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