Habitat: Blue catfish tend to live in larger rivers, like the Mississippi. Some of the the biggest cats or best days of fishing have come at times when I never expected it. Fewer people fish at night, which means less competition, less sharing resources, less noise and clutter overall. Catfish habit and growth fully depends on the water temperature. This will help you choose the best tactics and techniques to catch them during each season. Other Needed Gear For Flathead Catfishing, link to TOP 10 Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs Reviewed + Essential Buyer’s Guide for [year], link to TOP 13 Best Fishing Knives in [year] (Fillet, Bait & Pocket Knives Reviewed), bank fishing on lakes or rivers for catfish. Specialist cat rods will have a progressive action - that is they will bend further and further down the blank the more pressure is applied. Catching spawning catfish can be very difficult especially if you’re targeting blues or flatheads. On some waters, usually when fishing with live or deadbaits, pike can be a problem. Today, the vast majority of anglers turning to catfish for the first time are carp anglers and will usually have a vast armoury of equipment for catching carp. Drift fishing or “drifting” is a very popular way for anglers to catch blue catfish and channel catfish during the Fall (and other times of the year also). We enjoy fishing most all year round here. Check the bait size while you are catching fish. You are more likely to catch catfish if the temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Drifting is popular fish catching technique during this period. That’s it. Will Flatheads Be Active and Bite in The Rain and Storms? what can i do to catch them left and right. And if you target flathead you will get big flathead fish. The CCG probably gets asked more questions about catfish tackle, baits and rigs than anything else. My space is very limited. Many fisheries (who should know better!) Just sit, wait and catch the catfish. He fought it I fought it and by now the 3 other people that were out fishing at 2AM had come downthe pier to see what was happing. By this, it will be easy to guess which time will be proper for you. Yes, braid will cut through weed and lilies like a cheese wire but pull a taught braided line over anything tougher like underwater branches or rocks and it'll snap like cotton. Nighttime might be better overall, but there are other factors like the time of the year, water temps and etc. Get to know the water. Reading the water structure, using effective baits and gear and becoming a master flathead stalker can be quite the thrill and I hope this post helps at least one angler out there succeed at catching more flatheads this year. However, I love the fight that a catfish gives me. The fish won’t go and struggle for food in such weather. There is nothing better than catching a huge channel catfish or even a monster flathead. This isn’t overly difficult. Channel catfish and flathead catfish is adequate at this time. Outside of a lake turnover fishing for blue and channel catfish is generally excellent during the fall. Fish will often move quickly and often until water temperatures stabilize. At night, they will exit the covered area and begin hunting for the next meal. Aside from the Mississippi, you can find blue cats in the Ohio River, the Missouri River, the Rio Grande, The Arkansas River, As well as lakes and rivers throughout South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois.

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