Hensley Stephens - Business and vehicle finance, https://www.flickr.com/photos/58003155@N07/albums/72157644032062787. Where might you weigh in on that? BC Racing North America, one of the largest distributors of custom automotive aftermarket suspension products globally, offers more than 1100 unique suspension kits direct to consumer and through distribution and supply chains. I tow a few times a year and carry alot. Very thorough analysis, kudos for all the research you’ve done! There are exactly 3 things I care about when it comes to shock absorber replacements: ➥➥ Quality manufacture so I know that I won’t be changing them in 3-4 years. This is what brought me to the BC racing DS series, particularly with the swift springs. Zinc-plating protects from offroad damage and debris. Which is why you’ll see it loved by various 4WD crowds: from Ford F350 owners with their sets to people who go off the beaten path with their Tacoma, Jeep etc. The comparison chart below will help you easily compare the specifications of each kit so you can better decide which model is best for your vehicle and its purpose. Use the saving to buy a quality set of bump stops (jounce bumpers). The best control/handling both onroad and light offroad. Bilstein shocks are overall more durable and better for off-road driving. 4000, 80, 90, RS2 B2, B3, B4, Coupe quattro & Cabriolet (B3 & B4 Small Chassis Vintage Audi), Portable MP3 and Satellite Radio OEM Integration, 2.0T FSI, TSI, and TFSI (EA113) Engine Forum, 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 1 and Gen 2) Engine Forum, 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 3) Engine Forum, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Classifieds, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Parts, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Cars, A6, S6, RS6, A7, S7, RS7 (C7) Classifieds, Small Chassis Audi (B1, B2, B3, B4) Classifieds, Small Chassis Audi (B1, B2, B3, B4) Parts, South America, Central America, and Mexico, Spring VW & Audi Show and Go @ Englishtown's Raceway Park. As Monomaxes have a stock height application, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties whatsoever between front/rear. It seems like these two coilovers have been getting a lot of hype and are the 2 most popular ones out there for the 370 right now. Their corner strut assemblies are a bargain too. At least with your weight. Leagues above the likes of Gaz and SPAX. Second reason: KYB is probably the best suspension manufacturer for Asian cars. For sedans/passenger cars, Gas-A-Justs will drive the smoothest. I doubt I'll ever be up that way again unless I need anymore mapping! My service person suggested KYB; specifically, the 341340 rears and the SR4130/31 front. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. You must log in or register to reply here. JavaScript is disabled. Gas-A-Justs are nothing else than an improved OEM with better control, better cornerning and better shock life. I have decided to upgrade my suspension for a more aggressive setup in search of making my M5 more raw and hardcore. Grooming Tools In my opinion, your service person was right in choosing Excel G. I’m a huge fan of Bilsteins and the 4600s in stock cases, but I’m not sure how they’ll fare in your specific situation. Both companies conduct rigorous testing on their shocks absorbers. Great article; just what I’m interested in. Because with better technology comes better control and performance, after all. Some people prefer firmer control, but on a half-load a set of Monomax shocks can just get uncomfortable. Bilstein B16 vs EQT is what I'm comparing. My problem area will be the additional weight of that wheel setup. I’ve had someone else recommend the KYB Monomax, but with those I’m concerned about an overly stiff ride. Gas A Justs are a favorite of Hyundai Elantra or any Toyota owners, for example. Just don't install them on lower loads. Obviously that’s just my opinion as I can’t see things directly for myself. They put out affordable, yet efficient and quality cars based on their culture of handcrafted manufacture even to this day.

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