If yes, how can i change those settings ? Its really stupid, and really just shows how lazy EA's origin is. I'm still getting used to k+m gaming and I do use it occasionally but if a game does support controller, I'd rather use that till I get fully acquitted with K+M combo. I'm still getting used to k+m gaming and I do use it occasionally but if a game does support controller, I'd rather use that till I get fully acquitted with K+M combo. It was damn near impossible to aim precisely. You need to download a Program called "DS4Windows" in order to use your PS4 Controller on PC via USB. If someone can confirm was the support in at the alpha that'd be nice. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This one does not, EA do not respond, do not care at all. Didn't see any info on this? I really prefer controllers for shooters, and if it wasn't included I probably would get much less play time out of the game. I added Origin to steam as a game, started steam in big picture mode, used that to start Origin, and then if I start a game from Origin PS4 controller works no problem. You can download it here: http://ds4windows.com/. Want to know how I fixed this? Battlefield 1 which came later ended up including aim assist for controllers on PC anyway and it haven't seemingly spawned any issues either, so there honestly is a good chance Battlefront II would follow BF1's approach considering how they most likely are borrowing each other's engine quite a bit. Hi I was just wondering does battlefield 3 on PC have a controller support? - last edited share. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. report. @xashamaleyy Origin was not developed for controllers. Would really suck for Battlefront II to have controller support that isn't practical to use. Keybind sprint and crouch to you mouse side buttons. As long as your Xbox 360 connects to the PC and is capable of X input support, it most likely will work with Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) out of the box. _________________________________________________________________________________, ____________________________________________________________________________, The Fort Tarsis Lounge - Creators' Corner. I tried playing with it and a major problem it had is that it lacked any sort of aim assist, which is a common feature on console shooters. @EA_David@RedFoxxie@DerrameNeutralI found this post while searching for an answer as to whether or not Battlefront II would have proper controller support and it's not too old so I figured I'd reply.Battlefront DID have controller support for the PC. ( yes theres aim assist for controllers, the other person is wrong), Heres my tip. save. @EA_DavidThanks for looking into it so quickly! Yes controller is supported, no there isnt aim assist. Does BF V (PC version) support controllers as well? Kontakt. ( @ragnarok013 for future reference, just in case this comes up again). Don't know if it will remain in the final version, but it was there. @Alacor_FX   Battlefront didn't have aim assist and caused a bit of conflict among people whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. The newest addition to the Battle Royale genre is Ubisoft's new cyberpunk-themed Hyper Scape. how do you connect a ps4 controller in order to play battlefield 5 on origins. Press J to jump to the feed. Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and anything else BFV related! PS: Not asking for the typical "get used to k+m" battle. @EA_DavidIs it possible to look into this? Once it's downloaded, you will need to open the program, and plug in your PS4 Controller. In order to use a PS4 controller on PC you also need the PS4 controller wireless dongle; you can't just plug it into the USB and have it work like it does for the PC Xbox Controller. All games i play have option "force keyboard/mouse". @Alacor_FX Hey, I checked with someone who played the early build at Gamescom and he thinks there wasn't any aim assist for folks with a pad. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Discussion. The Fort Tarsis Lounge - Creators' Corner, https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Star_Wars_Battlefront_II_(2017). 5 of the best PC games that support PS4 Controller. I game casually and not out to prove I'm a M+K gaming guru...lol. If like me you prefer using a controller then really you are much better off on console. That doesn't mean it won't be added or that it wasn't just disabled for the demo event. I was one of the lucky ones to play the closed Alpha, and yes there is support for gamepad, I've played with mine. Ps4 controller support on pc. Spiele Durchstöbern Origin Answers HQ Infos Jobs Kontakt. Thanks! PS: Not asking for the typical "get used to k+m" battle. When i switched from xbox, this helped me. 7 comments. @RedFoxxieOh, awesome. This subreddit is ran by dedicated fans of the series and has no affiliation with EA or DICE. I'm a console gamer who just moved to PC recently ..just got CoD Blops3 and Fallout 3 and my Xbox one controller works extremely well in both games. Yes, I have used it a lot, until I started using an Xbox Elite Controller. This thread is archived. Your controller should work perfectly in games. Thanks. Unfortunately, some games do not support controllers so it would be great if you tell us what game you are trying to launch with controller. But considering that Battlefield 1 , and Star Wars Battlefront (2015) did both have a controller support in at launch , it would be quite weird to consider that this game wouldn't have it at launch. 5 comments. Battlefield Player on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, BF3, BF4, BF1, BFV DICE Friend tag awardee, SWTOR Player on the Hot Prospect (Satele Shan), Star Forge, and Darth Malgus. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BattlefieldV community. Some quick searches about something like "Battlefront controller hard to aim pc" should show I'm not the only one that had issues with it.

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