then Vera calls her to say that they don’t need to call each other anymore. said in the beginning of the summer, when you were home for a little while in St./Paul—. It's been a long time since I've read a play -- I don't think I realized (or I didn't remember) that this was in that format. Welcome back. I still feel more at home outdoors on a bike than I do anything else. The last time we hear them interact before Ginny’s death, And know an accomplished director who wants to direct the play with me in desired role. face-to-face communication could have reduced the amount of miscommunication in Relationship between a grandson and his communist grandma feels quite fresh and exciting on stage; the play itself feels incomplete, without a real arc outside of revealing information about the grandson. with his sister, Lily. But, it is more about behavior between and of the two characters than plot points. Even though it is primarily about this one relationship between grandson and grandmother, or at least that is the focal point, a picture is slowly painted through the play of all the people around them and their wider relationships, their histories, so much information subtly and carefully layered in. I think that it is very smart to start realizing the parallels between the objects in the world of the play and how that reflects the characters in it as well. Leo Reasons To Be Pretty . Leo thinks that they did nothing wrong. the end of the play, although not a definite improvement. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Leo and Vera are two extraordinary characters - very real and dynamic, and their unexpected friendship is equally adorable and hilarious. their relationship. I thought it got a little too sentimental at the end for me, but the sentimentality is buttered up with the odd couple set up. directions on page 77. As the play progresses we learn that Vera is confronting old age with denial, She has an hearing aid and constantly refers to her memory loss as disgusting. One young man, two young women, one older woman and one set, and most important, an excellent text. Vera: That Even Vera and Ginny’s relationship seems to have There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The events of the play are bookended by two deaths in Leo's life, giving the story some sense of unity. I love the way they write. New York, NY, Twelve Angry Men It's quite fun and has some great dialogue but it's tough to imagine this as a great work, it just never really offers anything outstanding. After reading previous plays I've tended to just stare at the ceiling for a while to process it, and normally that means me struggling with myself to not let what I've just read take over my life because it was so good. To see what your friends thought of this book. As the play progresses we learn that Vera is confronting old age with denial, She has an hearing aid and constantly refers to her memory loss as disgusting. I think I need to see this staged. This is a wonderful heart-warming play about a relationship across two generations. Yet it was lacking in substantial plot and felt slow at times, meandering towards a rather disappointing finish. Then Nothing fancy or complicated: just complex characters and small moments told well. Love love love. If you would like this play in your theatre, or if you are a young man able to play that role, let me know! 4000 Miles treats their remembered life events with humor and compassion. Ginny hangs up on her, Interesting. I ordered this play because of it's casting; three women and one man. 4000 Miles looks at how two outsiders find their way in today's world. I wouldn't expect any less from Amy Herzog. Start by marking “4000 Miles” as Want to Read: Error rating book. 4000 Miles treats their remembered life events with humor and compassion. In a way it felt slight and I found myself incredibly frustrated with the character of Leo, but I don't actually have to like characters if they're effective somehow. kiss expressing real mutual love” while Vera sees the reality that it sent Lily Vera, on the other hand, was a beautifully drawn person and a rare wonderful role for an elderly actress. misunderstanding in the Skype call mirrors the deeper misunderstanding of the I don't remember where I read about this, but I ordered it from Amazon. After seeing a production of Amy Herzog's newest play, Belleville, in Chicago, I was immediately impressed by the playwright's capability to craft honest dialogue and conflict between two individuals. I made the same face when someone hands me a baby. 4000 Miles is a play written by Amy Herzog. This detailed study guide includes chapter summaries and analysis, important themes, significant quotes, and more - everything you need to ace your essay or test on 4000 Miles: Play! Leo is a self proclaimed freeman a.k.a a hipster who cannot be tamed. There is a lot here for the actors to work with, it would be great to see what they do with the humor, the emotionality, and the snappy dialogue. Lovely look at a guy who fights growing up, living with his grandmother. Cost of Living, By Martyna ... so T guess I have guile fel Amy Herzog 4000 Miles Leo: You're … Together they sort through their relationship and each other's live. We also learn that Leo is running away from his problems. Their stories are so simple, yet so deep. Jersey Boys A portrait of two lost souls on opposite ends of the generation gap still searching their purpose in life, this play certainly helped me see why Amy Herzog is a playwright to watch! Art (The Play) - Yasmina Reza - | Laughter Angels in America I Millenium Approaches (Kushner) Once again Herzog writes brilliant and nuanced dialogue, and ties up just enough pieces of the story to be satisfactory but still open to interpretation. I highly recommend this play. I want to play the 92 yr old woman. I'd definitely like to see it on stage someday though I wish I could've seen Mary Louise Wilson!

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